Affiliate Marketing – How I Make $500 Per Day (Full Tutorial)

So i make 500 every single day with affiliate marketing and the best part about this is that literally anyone can
start it and you also don't need any money to start so if you want to learn exactly how i'm
able to do this stick around because i'm going to be giving you my exact step-by-step tutorial but before we
start real talk i already know if you're watching this video you obviously want to make some extra money so i promise
you if you actually watch this video till the end and you actually go out there and start affiliate marketing for
yourself you can definitely make a lot of money i remember when i first started affiliate marketing i was only making
like five dollars every single day but gradually i start to get better and better and here i am now and i'm making
500 every single day here in my garage just bought this uh new lamborghini here
so let's start off with what even is affiliate marketing and it's basically when you promote a brand's
products or services with a specific link that you're given and if someone sees your link and they
click on it and they end up signing up through you you're gonna make a commission and if
you watched my last video you know that i made four thousand dollars in one month
with pinterest affiliate marketing but i also use my tick tock account youtube channel and instagram account
which makes me about ten thousand dollars every single month and so in this video i'm basically going to show
you how you can promote your affiliate link using pinterest tick tock and instagram for free so
first thing you have to do before anything is actually pick a topic or a niche that
you want to promote so i would personally pick the finance niche and that's just because
there are so many companies that you can promote and there is just so much money to be made so if you want you can also
pick the finance niche but if you don't like that there are so many other options
there's travel self-development pets cooking and fitness so once you pick your niche the next
step now is to create an instagram pinterest and tick tock account and i would just make sure to pick a trendy
username and for your profile picture you can create a unique logo i'm going to show you guys mine and i actually
created this with canva so if you want to make this for yourself you can click the link in the description
and you're going to get a 30 day free trial with canva now the next important thing we have to do is create something
called a link tree a link tree is just basically a page where you can put all of your links
for example if you go to my pinterest and click the link in my bio you're gonna see that i have a link tree which
means that there's gonna be a bunch of different affiliate links so in order to do this
go to and create an account so once you create your account you should be brought to this page and sure
it's gonna look empty now because we don't have any links but once you do get links that you can promote you're gonna
put all of them here but just for now what i want you to do is copy your link tree link and then paste it in your
pinterest and instagram bio unfortunately you can't put it in your tick tock bio for
now just because you have to have a thousand followers so obviously we don't want to
keep your link tree empty so what we're gonna do now is actually go out there and find companies that you can promote
that are gonna give you your own link that you can make commission from and just to start off and make it really
easy for you i am gonna recommend two companies that you can start working with right now so the first one is honey
and this is a tool people use and it automatically applies coupon codes to stuff you buy online so
basically this is gonna help people save money and you get 500 gold points for anyone
that signs up through your link and uses honey and for every thousand gold points that you collect
that's going to be 10 that you get to receive so if you want to sign up and start promoting honey now
you can click the honey link in the description of this video so now just create your account and once
you do that click the three lines on the right then click on where it says earn gift cards and then you're gonna be
given a specific link that you can start promoting so now what i want you to do is copy
that link and then go to your link tree and just paste it there now i just have one last company that i
recommend you promote which is coinbase so for coinbase if someone signs up with your link and they buy a
hundred dollars worth of any crypto you're gonna get a 10 commission and they are also going to
get a 10 commission so if you want to sign up for this click the coinbase link in the
description and then create your account so once you create your account click on setting and then click on share love of
crypto and then basically just copy that link add it to your link tree and now you're
all done but of course there's so many other companies that you can promote you don't have to do these ones if you don't
want so i'm going to show you the other ones and how to find them so in order to find other companies that
you can promote you're going to be using literally has thousands of
different companies that you can start promoting so first things first click sign in then
click sign up as partner fill out all your information here then once you log in click on create your
public profile and where it says company logo and company cover image
just upload the profile picture from your social medias then you can skip media property as for description just
put your niche and for me it's finance and for keyword i'll put finance again skip these and just put 2021 here for
this one put content and then for this one put social media influencer ask for your country i'd put us
canada united kingdom and australia and then now just save it and now the next thing you have to do is click on submit
business information for the website add your link tree and then just fill out the rest of your
personal information and now just make sure you validate your email address and sign back into your
account and it's gonna take you to this area here which is just a brand section but since you did just create your
account you can't get any links from here just yet you'll have to wait about three days until your account is
approved so for now i would just search up what niche you're in and look through those
brands and here for adam finance it says that you get five dollars for every person
that signs up through your link honestly i think that's pretty good so what i'll do is
i'll just click that little heart button and now it's gonna add it to the favorites section
so then once my account is approved i can come back here to the favorite section and then apply to get my
affiliate link so continue this process until you find a couple of companies that you want to
promote and if you're not sure which companies you can promote i have a couple in mind that i'm going to show
you so i'm going to put them up here on the screen and if you want you can just take a screenshot and check them out
later and once you actually start making money from promoting these companies
in order for you to actually get the money deposited in your bank account you'll have to click on this downward
arrow then click on bank account then it's going to ask you to fill out all your
banking information and that's how you're going to start getting paid and also if you do want to track how much
money you're making every day you can click on reports then overview
then here it's going to show you how much money each brand is making you every day
and that basically summarizes how you can use but there also is a lot of other companies other than this
one like partner staff and amazon associates which is really popular
and basically lets you promote products from amazon so you can check those out if you want but honestly is
enough and so now once you have all of your links now you can actually start making
money when people click on your links and sign up but obviously in order to actually make money you're going to
somehow have to drive traffic to your link tree and by far the easiest way to drive traffic to your
link tree is by using pinterest [Music] so the first thing you want to do is log
into your pinterest account once you do that just make sure you click on the circle in the right corner
then account settings then linked business account then click create account and you're
just doing this so you can change your pinterest from a personal to a business account and if you want to
grow fast just like i did there's three different types of content that you have to post on pinterest
and we're gonna start with the first one which is called an idea pin and so if you click on that it's going to allow
you to upload any kind of video and so the purpose of uploading these idea pins is that it's actually going to
grow your account really fast and now you're probably wondering what videos am i actually
going to post so you're going to actually post random viral tick talks on your pinterest and
obviously these don't have to be your own and of course you're going to credit the owner of the tick tock so in order
to find these viral videos what you want to do is go on tick tock and then just search up your niche so for me that's
finance and once you do that you're going to see that there is a ton of viral videos that
you can choose from so if you find some that you like what i want you to do is just copy the link
then you're going to go to the website now just paste the ticktock link there
and then download it the reason you're going to do this is because you want to download the ticktalk video without
having that watermark and so now with that video that you have you can just go ahead and post it in the ideapin section
on pinterest and i just want to walk you through how you're actually going to properly post it so click on create
then click on idea pin then find the video then just click next then where it says title just try to
summarize the video in five words then you have to pick a board and this is just basically a way to categorize
your videos so i'm just going to say finance for this category then for tags just put
stuff relevant to your topic for example i could put like finance and how to make money now you can just post
it and then in the comment section of the video just make sure you add the credits for the tick tock owner so now
that summarizes the idea pin and now we're moving on to the next type of content that you have to post on
pinterest which is just the pin now in the pin section you can actually post photos and videos
and now you're probably wondering what is the difference between idea pins and pins
so the main difference is with pins you can actually add your affiliate link both idea pins you can't add any link
and with idea pins you usually do get more views and followers but posting both of these will give you the perfect
balance and so what you should do is post one tick tock video every day in the pin
section now the next thing you can also do with the pins section is actually post photos
so let me show you a picture on pinterest that is a great example of this
which says free 25 stock claim now so i'm actually going to show you how you can create a picture just like this
one using canva so when you first sign into canva it should look like this so click
on create design then click on poster so i just created this one and so now i want to walk you
through the process so you can create it yourself so first thing you have to do is choose
a background color and i like using black because it makes everything else pop
so just click here and then click on the color and then put black now the next thing i want to do to just
make the background a little bit nicer is add some money so i'm going to click here on elements
then just search up money there's a bunch of photos you can pick from but i'm gonna go with this one and
now what you need to do is click on it then click up here and for transparency it's gonna make it a little bit lighter
so i'm gonna put it on 10. now the next thing you can do is actually start adding the text so if you
want to add the text just click on here then click this one and now you can go ahead and write your
text so obviously i don't like this font so i'm going to go ahead and change it i
like to use a different font which i will show you right now so i use the gray clip demi bold and i'm
also going to make it bold again so once you do that you want the text to even pop more so what i like to do
usually is add like a square in the background so click on elements and now i'm just going to search up
square and i'm going to pick this one right here and i'm just going to change the color to black
and now make sure you center it so i'm going to go ahead and do that so right here it says it's in the middle and now
you just have to position your text to make it look good and then now for the claim text i'm going to change it to
green just so it can pop a little bit but now that you're done just make sure you download it so you click up here
then change the size and i would say the bigger the better so i'm gonna put it at 2.5
now you can just click download okay so now you can upload the image in the pin section on pinterest and make sure you
just put a short title then add a short description that just explains the image in like two to three sentences
then you can add your affiliate link and that's basically it now you just post it and i
am gonna recommend that you make four of these photos every week and post them and what i would recommend you do as
well is promote a different affiliate link for each photo so for example today you can post a
photo that promotes honey and then tomorrow you can post a photo that promotes coinbase or whatever else you
want and i remember i told you guys as well in the beginning that you should also create an instagram and tick tock
account now the reason i said that is because anything that you post on pinterest you can also repost it on
there so as long as you follow all the steps i mentioned you're consistent
and your social media continues to grow you will get people clicking on your links and signing up which means that
you're gonna make commissions and at first it might be really slow and you might not make a lot of money but i

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