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Goal Setting Not Working? Do This Instead

Goal setting is great in theory. Write down your goals, maybe write them down every day, carry them with you… And in a year nothing has changed. Let’s be honest… Most of the time goal setting simply is not enough to get things done.

Goal Setting Not Working? Do This InsteadEven when you break BIG goals down into little steps and then gradually work towards those goals, it still doesn’t work for many people.

If you are one of those people who can routinely achieve the goals you set, then congrats – you can stop reading right here. But if you’ve set goals – and set more goals – and set even MORE goals – and you STILL don’t have what you want…

…or maybe you don’t even like setting goals…

…then I’m going to propose you do something a little different.

Stop sweating the goals and instead focus on systems.


You thought I was going to say habits, right? Habits are good but they’re not always flexible enough to get you to where you want to go.

Here’s an example of the difference between a habit and a system. Let’s say you want to bench press 250 pounds. You can make it a habit to do weight lifting at 6am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But if you don’t have a system for increasing your reps and weights over time, you’ll never reach your goal.

Habits are repeatable actions you do without thinking, like going to the gym at a certain time on certain days. A system is a series of actions you take, like systematically increasing reps and weight to reach your goal. If you’re just lifting weight without a system to increase reps and weights, you’ll never improve.

Goals alone without systems can be detrimental and limiting. Princeton’s theology school did an experiment: Theology students were told to go to another building on campus and teach a class on The Good Samaritan. You’ll recall that the Samaritan story is about a man who was beaten and left by the side of the road. Others walked past him, but the Good Samaritan stopped and helped him.

Students were told to go teach the story of the Good Samaritan to another class. But they were also told they were late and must hurry. An actor was planted on their path, lying on the ground, hurt, moaning in pain and even screaming twice.

Every single theology student ran past the injured person to go teach the class on the Good Samaritan. One person even stepped over the person in pain to get to the class.

The goal was to get to the class and make the presentation on time and the students were blind to any other possibility. They were so focused on that goal that they missed the bigger picture and personal perspective to help the injured person. But if these students had a system by which they lived, that system would likely have prioritized living the story of the Good Samaritan rather than just teaching it.

If you have a goal to earn a million dollars a year, you might bend rules, break laws or even hurt people to achieve that goal. But if you have a system that says you make money by providing real value to others, then you’re going to stay on the right path.

I think of the difference between habits and systems like this:

A habit is, “I write every day from 8am to 10am.

A system is, “I work on writing a book every day from 8am to 10am for two months, at which time I’ve completed a book. For the next 3 weeks I market and promote the book during this time, and for the fourth week I do research and outline my next book during this time. And then I repeat the system.

This might be an oversimplification, but the point is the system has more flexibility than a habit, allowing you to adapt as you go. Figure out what you want to achieve and then create systems to get you there. Build flexibility into your system so that when something unexpected happens, you know how to get back on track.

Lastly, focus on your system (the process or journey) and not on the goal (your destination). When you give your attention to where you are now (the system) you’ll find you’re much happier in the moment than if you are continually wishing for the goal itself. You’ll be able to celebrate little victories every single day by using your systems, rather than putting happiness off until you finally reach your destination.

Plus when you do reach your destination, because you have systems in place, you also won’t experience the paradoxical and yet all too common experience of feeling empty or sad because you no longer have that big goal to look forward to.

How I Made $152,000 in 2 Months with Affiliate Marketing [Full Tutorial]

I recently made over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the last couple of months
just by myself using this laptop right here and in this video i'm gonna show you exactly how i did it
and i'm gonna show you proof as well hi guys welcome back to the channel if you're new my name's liam james k
and this channel is all about entrepreneurship marketing and making money online
and in today's video i'm going to show you exactly how i managed to make over 150 grand
all by myself just using this laptop in just over two months as well it's pretty crazy and i'm going to show you the
exact strategy now i wasn't leveraging my personal brand or a massive following
or i wasn't doing any coaching or selling any courses or anything like that
all i was doing to make this money is affiliate marketing and i'm going to show you exactly how i
did that in this video and the process that i went through to earn this money from start to finish it is going to be a
super super valuable video so make sure that you're paying attention first of all i'm just going to jump on
my computer and show you proof of my earnings and then i'm going to walk you through the whole
process of how i managed to get to that level so let's jump on my laptop and i'll show
you some proof of earnings so you're just on my computer now and this is my affiliate dashboard so this shows the
earnings i've made from promoting this product over the last couple of months so i'm just gonna you
can see here on the right hand side 152 000 has been paid out in 2020 that says 2020 year today
and just this week i've been paid out over four thousand dollars i'm just going to reload this page here so you
know it's not a screenshot or anything and you can see here the earnings 152 000 is still there and i know it says
year to date 2020 and i showed some of this in a previous video and someone's like well how do we know you earned it
in the last month or so but i'm just going to come here to reports and then performance reports and
you'll see that i actually only joined this affiliate
network in august we're now in middle of october so it's just over two and a half months you can see here
this is the date of august and you can see this is my conversions for this offer going
up and you can see i obviously upscaled it at this point they made me downscale
it here while i just checked the quality of of the traffic that i was sending i then upscale it again
and then as you can see now it's obviously starting to die off a little bit the offer is still making me money i
have actually been split testing the same offer on other networks so i have got a few more
conversions coming through than this but it's still a very profitable offer and it's making me a
lot of money that's made me over 150 grand in just over a few months so now i'm
going to walk through how i did that and reveal everything but i want to be clear that the strategy that i'm sharing with
you in this video is working for me today it's a profitable strategy which is actually making me profit
at this moment in time so i know there's a lot of other youtube gurus out there that are that promoted old strategies
and things that worked last year or five years ago but i want to make sure that i'm putting
out content on this channel which is working now for me and can get you real results
so if you like that kind of content then please all i ask is you smash the like button
it really helps me out with the youtube algorithm and it costs you nothing at all
so first of all i just want to be totally transparent that out of that 150k that i've generated in commissions
all of it isn't profit because obviously i've been running paid adverts to those affiliate offers
so i know the title is a little bit clickbaity but i still have generated 150 000
in commissions that have been paid out to my bank account but i've just had to pay for adverts
to make that happen i'm going to talk you through that now so out of the 150 i think it's 152 000
that i've generated in commissions from this campaign i actually spent over 110 000 on adverts which is
obviously a massive massive chunk but that was my only running cost just the adverts the rest is profit
and you obviously see other people doing amazon fba or shopify and stuff like that
and they've got this crazy ad spend plus they've also got to pay for the product so the good thing about this is the only
expense was the advert and you might think whoa 110 000 just to make 150
000 back that doesn't sound like a good deal but it is a fantastic deal if you actually think about it because if i was
to ask you to give me and ten dollars and i was going to give you a hundred and fifty dollars
straight back you're gonna make forty dollars profit would you do it yes you would if you could do that on
repeat constantly every hour of every day would you do it of course you would so it is actually a
fantastic return it's a better return than putting your money in stocks and shares and things like that it's crazy
crazy return and it don't let the hundred and ten thousand dollars scare you off because i didn't just go
whoa i've got 110 grand i'm gonna go and throw this on adverts i started off with a very smallish budget
you obviously have a much much smaller budget it could be a grand or something like that
you spend that on the adverts then you make profit from that and then you spend the original ad spend
plus the profit and it basically compounds and you keep building and building and building
so you might start off with a grand buy a few weeks in you might have ten thousand dollars that
you've built up in profit and then you're spending ten thousand dollars on adverts and it keeps
up scaling and upscaling and upscaling so do not be scared off by this large amount of ad spend
you can start off with a much much smaller budget so now we got that all out of the way i'm going to jump on my
computer and actually show you how i did that so first of all i just want to show you this which is basically
a layout of the campaign which i use to make this money it's a really really simple campaign i just want to talk you
through this just so you've got an idea of how it works and i'm actually going to be showing you
live examples of offers and pre-sale pages and everything you need to know
um so do not worry it's not going to be some powerpoint presentation but i just think this is important
just to show you the actual process that i actually came to to make this money so first of all you
we need a traffic source um which is just clicks people clicking on adverts
basically that's what that is and we're going to send them to a pre-sale page which is just a certain type of landing
page it's going to show you that example in a moment certain type of landing page
which on that landing page is going to be promoting a certain type of affiliate offer
and then there's going to be a button on that page which leads through to this affiliate offer and that's where we're
going to be earning those commissions now it's very very basic and simple but it works so we're not going to be doing
any email marketing with this strategy it's just going to be straight sales straight clicks to a
pre-sale page to an affiliate offer so it's actually very very simple to get started so you
want to make big money like the 150k that i generated in the last couple of months
then you're going to need a few things to make this work it's not just going to be a stab in the dark you're going to
need an affiliate friendly traffic source and so where we can actually run these
adverts i'm going to show you my affiliate friendly traffic stops which you can scale to the moon with on this
i'm going to show you also you're going to need to have a high converting advert on this traffic source which i'm going
to show you how to create that and i'm going to show you how we can see what's working so we're not just
stabbing in the dark you're also going to need high converting landing page again i'm going to show you
how you know what type of landing page is converting and how to do all of that and you're
going to need a high converting affiliate offer and i'm also going to show you how to find those high
converting affiliate offers so everything is going to be covered so first of all
the affiliate friendly traffic sales the traffic source which i've used to generate
the majority of those earnings almost all of those earnings is from native adverts if you don't know
native adverts i'll show you what they are now so this is a news website um cnn which
is obviously a massive news website um in the united states and on here you can see if you scroll down
right down to the bottom you'll see these at the bottom here which are native adverts so the reason they're
called native adverts is because they are they don't actually look like adverts they blend in
with the native content on this news website so they actually look like news articles
but as you can see it says paid content here and you can see it says sponsored here
and this is um an ad network called outbrain which is running these adverts on here
and you can scroll down and you see there's lots of them and there's these are all adverts as well
and they kind of blend in because these are actual news articles news article news article
and then you'll have a few more adverts some more news articles there some more they're not actually native
ads but these are native ads here so someone native ads so when someone is coming onto this website and
they're reading the news and they're scrolling down if they get an advert which kind of
looks a little bit like a news article telling them something there's more chance of them actually clicking on it
whereas like banner ads that are on the side here people have banner blindness because it looks like an advert they
ignore it because these look like the actual content there's more chance of them clicking so the click-through rate
is much much higher so that's why they work really really well so
this for example here this is a an affiliate offer so the good thing about it is they're
affiliate friendly so if you run adverts on facebook or on google they don't really like affiliate
marketing and they don't like certain types of offers like certain health offers and things like that
the good thing about native ads is that they are very affiliate friendly and they're a
lot more lenient with the type of offers that they allow on on their ad network so you can get away with a lot
more and promote a lot more affiliate offers which is good and you don't really get any chance of
getting your ad account banned as well which is really really good but also the traffic is
there's so much traffic because if you come here to similar web just this one website cnn is getting 662
million visitors per month so that's just off one website
and if you run adverts on native adverts you can run them on many different websites at once which
i'm going to show you how to do um and you could be getting all of this traffic and you're getting a high
click-through rate because it blends in with the content and it works really really well and it's
affiliate friendly but another reason why native ads works really well is because you're almost borrowing the
reputation from this website so some people some people might trust cnn and they think because this
article's here they they think oh it's on cnn it's kind of like well it must be trustworthy because cnn's
recommending me to to read this and then they click on this and it's going to lead through
to this page here which is um as you can see it's laid out so this is the pre-sell page and it's laid out
to look very much like a news article or a blog so it kind of fits in again with what
they were already reading so they don't it doesn't feel like an advert it doesn't
lead through to like a crazy landing page with those are flashing things in all this
it leads through to another article so this person that's reading the news will see this advert here which is
promoting a snow snow stopping device which is an affiliate offer and he says snorer 59 anti-snoring
device finally hits the uk sounds a bit like a headline it's like oh what my my husband snores or i snore
i'm going to click on this and then they click on it and it leads through to this and it says my husband's loud horrible
snore and then they do it almost like an article but eventually it is promoting
this product here at the top which is a um an affiliate offer a snoring device e-commerce product and if someone
clicks through that it will take them through to the affiliate offer and if they buy the
person which obviously posted this first advert who posted this advert they're going to
earn commissions and that is the process that i just showed you earlier on this here
so we're getting traffic lots of affiliate friendly traffic is from these native um news websites these native ads
on news websites we're sending it to this pre-sale page which is almost like an advertorial
style pre-sale page and then we're sending it through to the offer so you kind of
that's the that's the whole process that's the funnel we need to create if we want to run native adverts so now
you're thinking well i want a piece of this how do i get started where do i go i want to create
some native ads and i want to run some of these products well i'm going to cover all of that in this video so stay
tuned but i just want to let you know that i'm going to give away a little epic gift to everyone in this
video that watches this video a little bit later on which will really help you out if you want to crush it
with native adverts so stay tuned for that but if you want to get started
you could just manually come and have a look at what what people are running on these news
websites and just have a search around and you could say well this person's promoting this little snoring device
um so you could follow the funnel through and you could actually go to this page where they're
where they're selling this snoring device and you can see at the bottom it says affiliate so you could join the
affiliate network here and you can get a link for this product and then you can maybe
um go back to the the cnn and see who's actually hosting these so it's actually outbrain if you look here it
says you could then go and sign it to our brain and you could try and run
some adverts and just kind of go around it yourself that's probably not the best way of
doing it because you want to know what's already working for other people so just because this is working here
just because this is on this page it doesn't necessarily mean that this is successful so what a really
good thing to do is is use a spy tool and you can actually find out
what are working well for other people and find out the products that are working well so the one that i'm
currently using is this one called an strex which i'll leave my affiliate link to in the description
there's quite a few spy tools out there and this is one of the cheapest ones so it's one i'm going for at the moment
and it's got everything you need and basically if you don't know a spy tool um is created for affiliate marketers
and it basically will scrape all of the adverts or a large chunk of adverts which are appearing
on news websites and it compiles them into like one big database so then what we can do is we can come
here and we can search um adverts that have been running for a certain amount of time
and basically what that does that shows us what's already working for other people so this is a good place to start
if you want to look for a product so first of all you want to kind of find a product you might not know where to go
you might not know which product to go for you haven't got an endless budget you want to be testing out you want to
be running adverts to a product which is proven to work so a good way is come to
like a spy tool like this and you just search say like adverts which you've been running for 16
days you can just set this for as long as you want because if an advert has been running
for 16 days or 14 days or even 10 days then there's a good chance that it will be profitable for that person so then
you kind of find it a product which is already working and there's lots of different languages here so what you can
do here you can search um certain ad networks so this is where we can actually run the adverts
so like taboola is a good um native ad network which you might want to decide to run on i'll show you how to run the
adverts and the ad networks and stuff a little bit later on um but now we're looking at adverts
which are running on the taboola native ad network that i've been running for more than 16 days
and i'm just going to change it to english and then as you can see so this is
adverts which are currently live so last seen today and they've been running for over 16
days so we're kind of seeing adverts which are working quite well so what you do is you can just scroll down
here and you're just kind of looking for anything that's jumping out so obviously some things aren't affiliate
offers on here because obviously main companies run run adverts on air as well so you're kind of looking for
things which look like affiliate offers um and you can just click on them so like this one here to this smart watch
we'll just go for this as an example so they're promoting a smartwatch which is 49
and i know this is an affiliate offer just from personal experience but you can click on this
and basically what it's going to load it's going to show us the landing page that they're running
and you can actually click through that and find out where they're getting that product from so the affiliate network as
well and you can obviously look at this here so we can just click visit page
and it will bring up their um landing page which as you've seen before it's very
similar kind of setup so it's kind of looks like a news article it says advertise at the top
um and it's kind of a review of this product and then if you click through that it's
going to lead you through to the affiliate offer and there you go call track watches
affiliate offer so there you go so now you can actually start to see well what's working well and you might think
well these smart watches keep popping up that looks like i might go for a pro
down that route so you could actually come back up to here and search smartwatch maybe in the creative
and just see what other people are promoting and you kind of start to get an idea
of what's working well for other people which is going to cut your learning curve in half
because the worst thing you can do is just go and run at it and just don't look at what other people are
doing just throw loads of adverts up test that landing page and it just it will just fail so you kind of want to
see what's working for other people but a key point is you don't want to copy what they're doing
you just want to see what's already working and use it for inspiration now that's the key so as you can see
watches are doing really well at the moment so what you could do is you can go through these here so like
this one here i'll just go on this so you could click on this if you wanted to go i'm gonna i'm gonna try
a watch campaign you could click on this and you want to find out the affiliate networks you could go through this and
it will lead you through to the offer and you can go to the bottom to find the affiliate network or sometimes
actually just tag them on this spy tool but i know this is a product which is on matrix which is an affiliate
network so you could just come to matrix and you could come here and just type in
smartwatch so you can join all of these affiliate networks so if you find out that someone's promoting a certain
product on a certain affiliate network you just search the name of that affiliate
network and you'll be a way to join and just sign up to it and fill out your
information you can also use a website called offervault if you don't know the
affiliate network so you can see certain people promoting a certain type of item like a smartwatch but you don't really
know what affiliate network they're running it on you can just type here smartwatch
into offervault and it's just a database of all products on all different affiliate
networks so you can come down here and you go well this esmart watch this is the affiliate network that i'm
going to join and join that if you want to promote this e-smart watch or this gx smartwatch
or this other gx malware and you find a lot of the affiliate network have the same products
on them anyway so you don't need to you can join whichever one you want so once you've got an idea of the
products you want to promote that's already working for other people um and you found out the affiliate
network it's on you just come to your affiliate network and like this here this smartwatch you
can just grab your tracking link um i think there's a different one here as well i think
yeah so this one is the one we just seen it's a little bit like an apple watch um it's much cheaper you get paid 70
per sale so you could just grab your tracking link here for that someone buys that watch with
your link you earn 70 commissions so you're obviously gonna need that fake link for later on
um for the next part but we found the offer which we want to test the next step
is obviously the landing page we need to create a pre-sale page for that so again the best place to do that is
come back to the affiliate go back to the spy tool and see what this person that is
successful at the moment in time what landing page they are using so you visit their page and then you can
basically rebuild something similar to this in your own landing page builder if you want
um but you don't want to copy it exactly you just want to use it as inspiration of kind of what's working well
and kind of be a bit creative with it what you could also do which is a really cool tool which i'm currently using
is called landerbolt which again i'll leave a link in the description and it allows us just to rip other
people's landing pages now as i said you don't want to copy exactly but what you can do is if you
don't want to build this from scratch you can just copy the url to any landing page you want
come into landerbolt and then you just click on create new page at the top universal importer paste in the link
there smart watch test one or whatever you want to put in there and then click create page this is
really good because it basically just speeds up the entire process and then we come to visual editor at the top
and you can see it's just ripped that landing page into my own editor so then i can start
playing around with what text i want to do or if my the watch on my affiliate networks
called something different you could just replace that to smart watch pro or whatever you get the idea
and then you would replace your link with your tracking link which i'm going to show you how to do in just a moment
and then you just click save and then you've got that on your own domain which you'd have to connect in here
and you click save and you just put in your domain there and then you click publish
and then you've got your domain for that so now basically i own that landing page now on my own domain
um which i can connect to my affiliate office that's a little sneaky way if you want to cut the um
the creation time in half um you can use that tool which as i said there's a link in the description
so now you can see it's starting to come together we've got a product that we want to promote on an affiliate network
which is already working for other people we've got a landing page which we've got
the right format term we've tweaked it ourselves to run tests so all that's left to do now is actually
create some adverts and because native adverts you haven't got that much space it doesn't take that
long to create adverts um so again you'd come back to the spy tool
um and you would basically see what other people are running adverts too so as you can
see we'll just click back here there's a running theme running on here is basically
quite amateurish that's a little bit of um an exemption but amateurish looking photographs of people
of watches on people's wrists seems to work well for watch campaigns so then you would
make a mental note without thinking well this is a good a good thing so then you could go to google and find
similar images or you could take your own images if you've got access to the product
you can also take them from here if you really wanted to so just for this we could just go i
usually go right click and then search google for the image and then we can get
we can get that image here at a larger size and then we can just save that image
into our own little folder and basically what you want to do is compile probably around about five
images to test first of all for that product so that'll be the first image then you come back to
to google and you might want to test this image if it's obviously matching the product
obviously this is key and you want to save that image that's a massive image so you
might need to crush that a little bit but you get the idea you create a little bank of images
which which work well for that that product and then you come back here and you kind
of want to start thinking of headlines as well so this little headline so you don't get much space for the headline
but this blood pressure ready smart watch is taking india by storm so this one's being promoted in india at the
moment or no senior in milan should go without this 49 smart watch 49
smart watch to get an idea of what works so you can maybe take one of those um or tweak it yourself or make some
different changes and probably get two two of them just to start off with for your first campaign
so you can have five images with two variations of the headline so now you've got all of the elements
that you need to start your first native ad campaign you've got everything you need so now we just need to tile those
things together um and then we just need to turn on the adverts and get the adverts running so
that's what i'm going to show you how to do now first of all you're going to need some
kind of affiliate tracking software that's going to be able to track your clicks so you know which adverts
performing better which landing pages is performing better if you start split testing landing pages
and how you can track the conversions and everything so the one that i use is volume which i'll leave a link my
affiliate link in the description which actually gets you a discount if you want to use volume so this is
what it looks like inside it looks a little bit confusing but i'm actually going to walk you through how to set up
your first campaign anyway now let me just refresh this to see if i've had any more conversions
no okay um so basically this is the affiliate tracking software so we can track and connect
our landing page to our offer and all that kind of thing which sounds complicated but strategy not
um but the good thing about volume is that inside it's actually connected to the
native ad networks so usually what you have to do is go and sign up to outbrain on their website and
get approved you have to sign up to taboola on their website and get approved you
have to sign up to rev content and get approved if you actually use volume use my link
in the description and get inside of volume they actually are already connected they're a dsp
which means that you can run adverts from inside volume so if you come to the dsp planning tool at the top you can see
all of the ad exchanges which you can run adverts from so you just top up your account your dsp balance account
and you can actually just run adverts from all of these these things here and you just click on
new dsp campaign and click on native but before that we actually need to
come back to the tracker and we actually just need to put our landing page in and our offering and all this kind of thing
and actually connect it all up so that's what i'm going to show you how to do now so first of all we basically just
need to add everything in individually inside of volume so um first of all you need to choose the
affiliate network so you come to the affiliate networks tab here and you need to make sure you you've
added your affiliate networks you'd come to new affiliate networks and then you can basically select all of
these ones so if you're running your campaign on max bounty it's already integrated it's already sell which is
great um and there's lots of different ones down here and you can basically just
choose your affiliate network and add it in that way so once you've done that that's
the first step the next thing you need to do is you need to add in your landing page
so we need to put our landing page inside of a volume so you come here and you go to new
lander lander and basically just need to paste in your url for your landing page here
so the one that i created earlier was this one so you'd copy your link from your landing page and paste it in
here but what we do need to do is we need to get this click url and that needs to be
behind all of the buttons and hyperlinks on that page and this is just
a generic um click url that you've got for your volume account which basically means that anytime
someone clicks a link on your page it will be instantly redirected to the offer that you want it to be redirected
to it's a little bit it sounds confusing but all you need to do is make sure you
copy this click url go back to your landing page and rather than putting your affiliate link behind
these these buttons and things you just want to put this click url
but in in landabar you can actually go to link replacer at the top and just paste in this um
url and click ok and it will replace all of the hyperlinks and everything with your click url which you then click
save so then you go back to volume then we just need to name it so it will
be um like watch test one maybe whichever product you've chosen
and you've got your landing page inside of volume so next up you need to add in the offer so you come to offers here
and then you just click new offer and basically this is where you're gonna post
paste in your offer url so you go back to your affiliate network and where you found this offer you go to
tracking links and you get your tracking link for that specific offer you come back to
volume and you paste it in here like this and obviously you choose the correct affiliate network at the top
so make sure you choose from here or you would choose max bounty or whichever one you put in earlier
and it will tell you what you need to add in to the end of the link in this little description box here
and then you basically just name it so the offer is going to be watch test 5 or whatever whatever the product
is then you come here and you get the the postback url
so you need to copy this um from here and then you go back to your affiliate network and it will have a box where you
post paste in the postback url so you come here and you click edit
and then you can basically just add in a postback url here like this and basically what that is that's just
telling um the affiliate network can pass back information and when you get a conversion
to the tracker so you can basically track where your conversions are coming from
that's basically what it is but that's all you need to do so now we've got everything
inside here so all we need to do is put this together it's getting quite long this video so hopefully you're still
with me this is the technical side i wasn't going to include it in the video but
i've decided to include it and just to show you how everything connects together
i might need to do more videos on this if it's not clear but just let me know so then once you've got all of those
things you need to create a flow inside a volume which basically just connects them all together
so you're going to tell tell volume which lander is going to be leading through to which
offer and this is where you have the opportunity to run multiple landing pages at once and rotate them
but in this instance we're just going to have one so it's going to be watch test 4 and then we click on new path
here and it's going to be watch test 4 you can see here we're choosing the path
destination which is landers and offers so this is where you would choose the landing page which you just added
in so you click here and you type in watch and you add in watch four and then you
go to offers and then it was also um watch test five and then basically 100 of the traffic will go to this
lander and then it will go through to this offer if you want to add more landers and
rotate them that's where you would do it here if you want to have more offers and rotate them
that's where you would do it there and you click save now we're almost there now we're almost
there we're getting ready to actually get the campaign going so you come back to your dsp planning
tool once all of those things are already in and you come to new dsp campaign and
click on native then this is where we choose the ad network which we're going to run on
so you can actually just copy the ad network which you saw other people doing well on on here so you can
you can find out which ad network they were running on let's just say in this example
they're running this watch advert on outbrain so we want to run an outbrain so you can actually do this inside
volume dsp so you click on outbrain you click on next
you name it it's going to be watch campaign or whatever let's call it watch camp and then this
is where you're going to choose the flow of this campaign so the what we just said
just then so it's watch test four and then this is where we add the brand domain for the
product we're promoting so it could be like i don't know the actual brand domain for
this product but it could be like or whatever so that'll be just what you get from the
the product website but i'm not going to go back to that now because this video is getting so long
and then we click next and then we want to type in the country we're going to target so it could be united kingdom
and then you might want to just run it on mobile in the united kingdom um and then we just click next here
and then this is where we get a chance to bid um how much we're planning on spending
and ds volume dsp works on um cpm so it's per thousand impressions um so you might just want to say well i
only want to spend 10 pence per thousand impressions and you're going to get 100
of the available traffic on outbreak which is pretty crazy i think that might be wrong to be honest because that's
very very low um but maybe yeah we'll just go 10 pence per thousand views um
and then you can set your budget of a hundred dollars and then maybe you want to have it at 50
per day and then basically that's where you would set your budget there
and then that's when we we've set all that stuff up so now we're actually going to put the creatives
so this is the images that we found earlier um and what we decided on and the headlines
so you go new creatives and then we just browse the ones that we created so it might just be this one
i mean that's not big enough we need a bigger one let me try this one yeah so this one's allowing us in so
then you obviously make sure all of the images are the right size and then we would add in the headline
which was something along the lines of this smart watch is taking and then you can tag in the location so
it could be country by by storm so you used to run that in the
united kingdom it would say this smart watch is taking the united kingdom by storm
and then people would see it looks like a news article and you had a little description in here just
being like new smile watches la la la la and you have a little display name which could just be like
top tech something like that and then you can add a little icon in there which i'm not going to do now but
it's just a little icon which appears next to your thing then a call to action button which might be like read
more or something like that then you would click create and then that would create your
campaign for that offer now i'm just going to turn this off now because i don't want
them to um to do this but you can see there usually just give a preview but it's not giving
the preview of the image but you can see kind of the headline and the thing and obviously
you would have your five images in there with your two headlines and the different
variations and then we click next and you can add some automations and stuff which is way more advanced you
don't need to worry about that for now um and then you literally just click save and then that's gonna and you can
choose whether you want to be paused or active and then that's gonna set your campaign off it's gonna be approved once
they approve it and you'll basically come back into your tracker and you can see
um which of those images that you just added in which of those is getting a higher click-through rate which is doing
better or which of the landing pages if you have multiple landing pages this one's
getting a higher click-through rate and you can basically tweak that and then turn stuff off and stuff like that
as you're going forward and kind of just make as much profit as you can and take away the things that are losing
money so that is it in a nutshell that is the process that i went through to earn that hundred
and fifty thousand dollars i saw what the people were doing i then create a campaign
um based on that but with my own creativity my own ideas in it i then kept running it tweaking it if
anything wasn't working i cancelled it added more stuff in and that is basically
how i got to that 150 grand so i do hope that you found this video valuable because i'm not good
after that if you did please please please give the video a thumbs up let me know in the comments what you
thought of it and if you're not subscribed make sure you hit the subscribe button
because i am going to be announcing more like little tips and tricks on my um my feed my news feed inside youtube
and which you can just post random posts on but you can only see that if you're subscribed
so make sure you subscribe and you can see these extra tips and tricks on there now i did say i was going to give away
something to everyone that watches this video so what decided to do if you want a
little head start and you want five landing pages which are proven to convert or with native ads
um which you can basically either drag into one of your landing page builders like landerbolt
or you can even host it on super cheap hosting and you just change out the links in it and you've
got five ready-made landing pages which are proven to convert so i'm going to link that in the description
and you can get them for free i'll just send you the little um zip file you can download them
just as a little gift for watching this video until the end um that's everything i hope you enjoyed it

Source : Youtube

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners | $0 to $12k+ Per Month in 2 Months | FREE Traffic Method

In today's video i'm gonna show you exactly how i went from zero to twelve thousand dollars a month
with affiliate marketing in just two months and i did it all with completely free traffic without
spending a single cent on ads but before i get into it if you're new to this channel please make sure you
subscribe and turn on the notification bell because i post videos showing you how to make money online
from home and you're not going to want to miss a single video okay now back to this video in today's
free training i'm going to show you the exact steps that i took to get the results that you see on the
screen right now i'm going to show you how i did it with 100 free traffic and i'm going to give you the exact
affiliate product that i promoted so that you can promote it too and if you stayed
at the end of the video i'm going to give you two bonuses that are the key to making thousands of dollars online with
affiliate marketing so you're going to want to stay to the end of the video let's get into it okay so first let's
talk for a second about what affiliate marketing really is i know some of you are
probably asking that question right now so i'm gonna break it down for you really quickly affiliate marketing
is the process of promoting another business's product and getting paid a commission
anytime anyone buys through you there's no customer support needed there's no buying or selling of physical products
there's no long shipping times your only job as an affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to the other businesses sales
page or product page the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don't actually
have to sell the product and that's what a lot of people are confused about your job is to just drive
the traffic and it's the other business's job to actually sell the product
in my opinion affiliate marketing is the easiest way for beginners to get started with making money online okay so what do
you actually need to get started with affiliate marketing and go from zero to twelve thousand
dollars a month like i did it's actually pretty simple and you only need three things the first one is a
good high ticket front-end affiliate offer and you get this by working with
a good quality high ticket affiliate partner now i'm gonna actually give you the affiliate product and affiliate
partner that i worked with to get these results but we'll get into that in a few minutes
number two is a back-end offer that complements your front-end affiliate offer now i'll
get into the exact specifics about how we're going to use that but i'm going to give you a back-end
offer that you can try as well now the third thing is actually really important is to provide
value to your audience with good quality content kind of like what i'm doing right now
this is the key to being able to get your affiliate marketing business started absolutely for free
using free traffic now you can provide value and content to your audience in many ways
i'm gonna show you the exact way that i was able to do it completely for free and if you do it right you won't have to
spend a single cent on expensive ads okay so how do you actually go from zero to twelve thousand dollars a month with
affiliate marketing i know you're asking yourself this question in your head and you're
saying stacy get to the point already so let's get right into the strategy so what you see on your screen right now
is called a funnel now what a funnel is is an online sequence that takes people
through a sales process using simple web pages now you can build a funnel
using a online funnel building app i'm actually going to give you the one that i chose because it's the easiest to
use and it's actually the least expensive it also includes your email autoresponder
which i'll get into in a minute but let's break down the process that you see right here on your screen
okay so step one of the funnel process is always to drive traffic so the free traffic source that
i picked was tick tock so for this funnel sequence i created a brand new tick tock account
and started creating and posting content that i know my audience was interested in
after they saw the content i gave them a very clear call to action to go and visit the link in my bio now
from there once they click the link in my bio they get sent to what is called an
opt-in page the opt-in page is actually the first step of the actual
funnel sequence and the great thing about a funnel is that all of what i'm going to explain to you next
happens automatically in a sequence you don't have to do any of this manually the only thing that
you have to do at the front end is to start driving traffic into the funnel
so what the opt-in page does is it gives people a piece of information it tells them a little bit about your affiliate
offer and to move forward you ask them for their email address
so in exchange for their email they get sent the information that they're looking for so the opt-in
page is the purpose of the opt-in page is to collect an email for you
and also explain to your traffic a little bit more about the affiliate offer
because at the front here with tick-tock you're only giving them little pieces of information to pique
their interest because on tick tock you have only a maximum of 60 seconds to give people information about the
affiliate product so once they get to the opt-in page you're going to give them a little bit more
info and ask them for their email address once they do that they're going to be
moved on to the bridge page now before we continue on to the bridge page
i just want to explain a little bit about this dotted arrow that you see here which points down
to a sequence of emails now the opt-in page actually serves two purposes um now but
we're going to get into the email sequence in a minute first i just want to go through the
funnel sequence and then we're going to go through this email part that you see right here
so the next step in the funnel is to send your traffic to the bridge page and again this is all done
automatically with your funnel when you build it in your funnel builder so the bridge page acts as the next step
to provide even more information about the affiliate product that you're promoting
this seals the deal and warms your traffic up to the idea of your affiliate product
it tells a little bit more about you you can give more information on how the affiliate product is going to
solve their problems and will change their life and depending on what the product is how it will help
them achieve what they want so on this page this is the last step before you will send them to the actual
affiliate sales page so now on here on this page this is where you're going to
um attach your affiliate link that you get from your affiliate partner so once you give them
the information here and you do your very best to explain how the product will solve their problem and
help them achieve what they want in their life you're going to tell them to click a
specific button or a link and give them a call to action and you can see that right here a call to action
button which will then send them to the affiliate sales page
and now once they get to this sales page your job as an affiliate marketer affiliate marketer is complete once they
land here it is now the other business's job to sell
that product and the affiliate product that i'm going to give you to use at the end of this video has a
very high conversion rate it sells very well and that's very important when you're
selecting an affiliate partner to work with you want to see that they have a really
great sales page that converts really well because you don't want to spend time
driving traffic to their sales page when it doesn't convert so again i'm gonna give you a
very high converting high ticket affiliate product that you can start promoting you just gotta hang
on to the end of the video when i get through the process so now the last step
of an affiliate um an affiliate offer is for your traffic to purchase now when they decide to
purchase here on this page that's when you get the commission payment
so that's why it's also important to get an affiliate product an affiliate partner that knows how to convert the
traffic because once anyone buys when they get to this page that's when you
get paid and that is the whole point of affiliate marketing now i want to go back for a second to
the email sequence here because this is a very important part about how you're going to
actually earn thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing and it's the difference between
just making a few dollars and thousands of dollars with your affiliate products now this
dotted line points down to an email sequence so now the dual purpose of the opt-in page that i talked
about just a few minutes ago was that when they enter their email here
they will automatically get entered into your email list now that's really important because not
everyone will decide to buy once they get to the sales page for the very first time sometimes people need to
think about it they want more information and what happens with this email
sequence is you're ensuring that they don't forget about the product that you told them
about you want them to keep that in the back of their mind and you want them to continue to go back
to the sales page even if they don't decide to buy right here the very first time
so your email sequence is going to send out a sequence of emails reminding them about the affiliate
product and continue to provide value to them about how that product will change their lives and solve their
problems so the great thing about a funnel is that again this all happens
automatically behind the scenes you don't have to manually send out these emails to your traffic
once they add their email into the opt-in page here they're automatically added to the list
and your emails will be sent to them every day or every other day depending on how you set
this up but it's important that you send out these emails because for people who don't buy here you will
be reminding them about the product and a very high number of them will go back to the sales page and buy there
if you don't have this email sequence set up you are missing out on a ton of affiliate sales and
affiliate commissions because people will go through your sequence and they may not
believe right away that the product will help them so that's why you want to send them follow-up emails
providing more value and more examples of how your affiliate product will help them now one other bonus tip
that i want to give you this is a pro tip for affiliate marketers who really make
the most amount of money online is this is where you want to also add your back end
affiliate offer now we talked about that on this image here you want to have a back-end offer that
complements your front-end affiliate offer now here this is where in the emails you
will talk about your back-end offer now this is an additional product
that you can promote through your emails that will help them get the results that they want with your
upfront offer now for me um my my niche i told you was making money online
so this product here is a complementary product that will help them make money online
so this is also why your email sequence is very important because it allows you to not only promote
one affiliate product but multiple affiliate products all with the same traffic so now that
pretty much breaks down what a sales funnel does and how a sales funnel works
and i'm going to now give you a live example from my own tick tock account and i'm going to take
you through my funnel sequence okay now i also told you that i was going to share with you the exact high
ticket affiliate product that i used to make 12 000 a month last month with affiliate marketing and i
also told you that i would give you the exact funnel builder that i use to create my
funnel now i'm going to show you all of that information right now and i'm going to do it by walking you
through my exact funnel so step one is to start with my tic toc account
now here you can see my tick tock account on your screen right now and i know a lot of you might
be saying that okay this only works because you have a lot of followers
so i do have almost 300 000 followers now on tick tock but if any of you have been
following me for any amount of time you know that just two months ago i had
zero followers i started this account on december 11th and posted consistently daily content
and daily value for my audience and through consistency and quality of content i was able to
grow this account to 300 000 followers very quickly now it doesn't take any specialized skills to be able to do this
there's no secret tricks or hacks to being able to grow
a following on tick tock the main thing that you need to focus on is providing value to your audience you need to know
who you're talking to and how to provide valuable information to them
that works alongside with your affiliate product that you're promoting so now let's get right into the first
step of the funnel so step one is the content which you can see here i post
simple videos on my tik tok account that helps people solve their problems and also catches
their attention now in these videos i asked people to either follow me or click the link
on my bio so now when they do that i'm going to click on the link right now you get taken to the very first step of
my funnel which is the opt-in page which i showed you on the slideshow
a couple minutes ago so now you can see here i have a little bit of info about the affiliate product i don't see
what it is right away but i i focus on solving the problem or touching on the pain points that my
audience has so here you can read i say do you want to start making real money online but
you just don't know how to get started so most people who are watching the content on my tick tock account are
going to say yes to this statement which is very important so then if they want to get
the information that i'm providing they have to click this button right here now
this is where when they click this button they're going to be brought into the email capture box now this is where
if you remember from the um slideshow that i showed you a few minutes ago this is where we capture
their email and when they put their email in here they automatically get added to my email
sequence and i'll start sending them follow-up emails to their email address that they put in
here and now in most cases people are going to put in a good email address here because they
want the information that i'm going to show them on the next page so i'm going to go ahead and just
enter a random email in here and then we're going to continue on with the next step of the funnel
okay so once they add in their email they're going to be brought to my brick page so now if you remember
again from the diagram i showed you earlier the bridge page is the last step oops i
accidentally just clicked on my video but the bridge page is the last step that the people will see in your funnel
before they get sent to the affiliate sales page
so now it's really important that you explain more about the product and how it's going to solve their problems
and now we actually get to a very important part which i know a lot of you are waiting for
which product i was promoting to get um the results that i showed you which was twelve thousand dollars a month with a
brand new affiliate product now you can see the product is actually listed right here and it's the 15 day
challenge by legendary marketer now this product is very popular right now
and it converts very well and what the 15 day challenge is is a full step-by-step training teaching
people how to start an online business and how to start an affiliate marketing business
online it's a i actually took the training myself and it is a very quality top tier
training program that helps people solve the problem of not knowing how to make money online
takes them through a simple process of 15 days worth of training and teaches them how to start a high
profit high ticket affiliate marketing business online now on this bridge page i actually explain more about how the 15
day challenge changed my life personally and how it can do the same thing for them and it's important that you
um draw from your own life so that people can feel people are related to what you're
talking about they feel a connection to you and that gains trust with their opinion
of the information that you're giving them if they trust you they're much more
likely to click on the buttons and click on the links and take advantage of the products that
you're putting in front of them so now the bridge page is the last point where
before they move on to the affiliate offer now i talked briefly about adding your affiliate link
on this page now you actually embed your affiliate link into these buttons so it's very
important that on this page you're telling people to click these buttons to get the product that you're
promoting to them so now you can see i have some follow-up videos here some reviews i tell a little
bit more about my life i even have some examples of results that other people have gotten
by using this product so now once they read this bridge page information and they click on this button right here
this is when they're taken to the affiliate product sales page and now if you remember from the beginning of
the video once your traffic gets here your job as an affiliate marketer is complete
now this is the beauty of affiliate marketing there is no product shipping to do there's no customer service
there's no sales that you need to do you just need to drive traffic to this page and then your job is done
and it's the other business's job to sell the traffic and convince them to buy the product now
you've done your job you've created content you've warmed them up with your funnel and now they've
landed here and now it's their time to decide whether they're going to purchase the
product and now with the 15 day challenge by legendary marketer i mentioned this
before but their sales funnel their sales page converts very well and once they decide
to get started and continue on with the 15 day challenge and purchase that's when you will get paid the
commission now i just want to talk for a second about the 15 day challenge and why i actually
selected this product now the great thing about legendary marketer in the 15 day challenge
is that there's not just one product that they offer now it's called a high ticket affiliate
offer because legendary marketer has a sequence of products
that they offer to your traffic now the 15 day challenge only cost seven dollars and now
you're probably thinking how am i gonna make thousands of dollars when the affiliate
product only cost seven bucks but the great thing about legendary marketer is they have a sequence of upsells that
they also sell to your traffic and it goes anywhere from seven dollars to twenty five
hundred dollars and now legendary marketer actually pays their affiliates up to 40 commission on any sales
that your traffic decides to purchase throughout the lifetime with legendary marketer so if you get
your traffic to enter on the seven dollar product which is actually quite easy to convert
if they decide later to purchase a twenty five hundred dollar product you will also get the commission for
that sale and now forty percent of twenty five hundred dollars is one thousand dollar
commission right to you and now this is very important and this is the key
to making thousands of dollars online with affiliate marketer it's picking a high quality high ticket affiliate
partner to work with that offers not only low ticket products to traffic to get them in the door
but also upsells them on high ticket offers that will pay you a higher commission
and now that's how i was able to make twelve thousand dollars last month with this specific affiliate product
because when you're getting paid up to a thousand dollars per commission you only need to make a few sales to
make thousands of dollars a month so 10 sales for example
of their highest price product will make you 10 000 a month and it's really not that
difficult to get the results with legendary marketer as your affiliate partner because
they are very good at selling and providing value to your traffic to the potential customers
now dave sharp who created the 15 day challenge with the legendary marketer he's an eight-figure affiliate marketer
as well so he knows how to sell to people and convince them to buy which is why this affiliate product
sells so well so if you're thinking of getting started with affiliate marketer and you're
really affiliate marketing and you're really not sure which product to
start out with i really highly suggest legendary marketer because it it provides you a whole array
of different types of products that you can potentially make commissions on and their commission payout is very high
forty percent of every sale so um they're a really great partner if you're interested in
using them i'm going to provide you a link down below in this video to get started
now the only prerequisite to get approved as an affiliate for legendary marketer is that you yourself go through
this uh 15 day challenge now it's only seven dollars to get started
but even if you're just getting started this training alone will teach you everything you need to
know about getting started with making money with affiliate marketing it's a really great training i
took it myself and it taught me exactly how to do the process that i just showed you so
whether you want to use the product um as an affiliate to promote or you actually just want to take the training
it's a great product to look into and again the link will be down below in the video that you can either um join
to become an affiliate or just take the training to learn affiliate marketing more clearly and learn everything that
you need to know to start making money online now the other piece of the puzzle that we need to talk about now
is the funnel builder now how do you actually create the funnel that i just walked you through
and i told you at the beginning of the video i was going to share with you the exact funnel builder that i use to
create the funnel that you just saw and it's actually the funnel builder that will save you the most amount of
money now i know a lot of you are probably familiar with different funnel builders like
click funnels now i've tried those as well but the great thing about the funnel builder that i chose which you
can see on your screen right now it's called builderall is that it's actually cheaper than all of the other
funnel builders that i've tried myself and it includes your email autoresponder right
inside with the funnel builder so now in comparison i'm just going to use click funnels as a
comparison there's nothing wrong with click funnels if you use them they're a great platform as well
but the difference is with click funnels you have to pay an additional fee to use an email autoresponder they don't
have an email autoresponder built in where builderall actually has a funnel builder
and an email autoresponder built right into its software so now for the one fee
which you will pay each month to use this software you get
both apps included in the fee where with click funnels you have to pay extra now let's just talk about price for a
minute um we'll continue on comparing it to click funnels click funnels cost i think 97 dollars a
month just for the funnel builder where builder all right now if you decide to join with builderall it's 69
a month and you get the funnel builder and the email autoresponder sequence where with clickfunnels you'll
have to pay 97 a month plus an additional fee for an email autoresponder
now i really like builderall it's really easy to use the funnel builder is just a drag-and-drop
um sequence so it's really easy to build um funnels like this they actually built their website using their
funnel builder themselves and it's really simple to use and it will save you a ton of money in comparison to
other funnel builders just because the price is so great so now i also want to tell you that
builderall is actually the back end offer that i promote alongside with the 15 day challenge and
the reason why is because when someone decides to get started with affiliate marketing they will need a
funnel builder so in my email sequence i not only promote the 15 day challenge
i also promote the use of builderall because when you use builderall and you decide
to join to build your own funnel you actually can get approved to be an affiliate for builder all as well
now if you're thinking you want to start using builderall and give it a try for your own funnel or you even want to
promote it alongside the 15 day challenge if you decide to promote legendary as well
um the only thing you need to do is to join and use builderall but if you do that just on your own if you
were to go to the website now and just sign up to use builderall you'll have to pay for the trial
now if you go through an affiliate like myself you can get a 14-day free trial to try out builderall for
yourself so if you're interested in trying builderall or you want to promote this as an affiliate
um look in the description below and i have my affiliate link there where you can get
a free trial instead of having to pay for the trial so take a look down in the description if you're interested in
trying builder all again this is the product that i use in my affiliate marketing sequence
as my back end offer and the great thing about that is in where it differs from legendary is that
this is a recurring commission and that's very important when you're trying to maximize your
profits as an affiliate marketer recurring affiliate products allow you to get income
and earn commissions over and over again so that is another reason why i picked builderall
as the back-end affiliate product to my own funnel okay so now that brings us to the end of
the process we went through how to get your free traffic using tick tock i showed you my exact funnel
the opt-in page the bridge page and i even showed you the exact high-ticket front-end affiliate offer
and back-end affiliate offer that i promoted to achieve twelve thousand dollars a
month in just two months with a brand new affiliate product now i know you're probably thinking
you're still not sure how exactly to put this all together so i'm going to do something very
special for everyone who stuck to the end of the video if you're really interested in getting
started with this process and you want to use legendary marketer in builderall as your affiliate products
i've done something extra special and i've actually pre-built a funnel for you to use all you have to
do is take it put it into your own builderall account and start running traffic
to the funnel everything is pre-built you can have the exact funnel that i've showed you in this video and
start using it to promote affiliate sales for yourself and you don't even have to
use affiliate marketer for this funnel you can switch it out and change it if you want to use
another affiliate product if you have another one that you want to use but i do highly suggest
legendary in the 15 day challenge just because i know from experience they are a really great high ticket
affiliate partner to work with but if you really do want to get started you can clone
my exact business that i showed you today the exact high converting funnel that i'm using
right now to get sales with the 15 day challenge and builderall now i'm also going to
give you as an additional bonus my entire email sequence every email that i send out
to my own traffic you are going to get built in to your builderall funnel you won't have to do any work you don't
have to build anything the only thing that you're going to have to do is switch out your affiliate links and
you're actually going to have to go through the 15 day challenge as well to become an affiliate with legendary if
you do decide to go through with that affiliate product but i'm going to give you my
exact business pre-built all you have to do is click a button and you can start using this exact
high ticket high converting funnel that i'm using right now so if you're interested in doing that
there's another link below that says clone my exact business just go ahead and click that and i have
a really quick simple to follow training showing you exactly how to implement that and take advantage
of this pre-built funnel and pre-built email sequence that i've created for all of you to use today so it will be
the fastest way for you to start seeing commissions in your own online affiliate marketing business as
soon as possible now that brings us to the end of the video i hope this helped you learn more
about how to start your own online affiliate marketing business so that you can start earning commissions
as soon as possible if you got any value out of this video please like and subscribe so that i know that
these videos are helping you out also please do me a favor and comment below the video and let me know
what videos you want me to post next i want to provide as much value as i can for all of my subscribers
so by commenting below what you want to see i'll know exactly what videos you guys want and i'll create them to
help you out as much as possible thanks for watching see you on the next [Music]

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Affiliate Marketing – How I Make $500 Per Day (Full Tutorial)

So i make 500 every single day with affiliate marketing and the best part about this is that literally anyone can
start it and you also don't need any money to start so if you want to learn exactly how i'm
able to do this stick around because i'm going to be giving you my exact step-by-step tutorial but before we
start real talk i already know if you're watching this video you obviously want to make some extra money so i promise
you if you actually watch this video till the end and you actually go out there and start affiliate marketing for
yourself you can definitely make a lot of money i remember when i first started affiliate marketing i was only making
like five dollars every single day but gradually i start to get better and better and here i am now and i'm making
500 every single day here in my garage just bought this uh new lamborghini here
so let's start off with what even is affiliate marketing and it's basically when you promote a brand's
products or services with a specific link that you're given and if someone sees your link and they
click on it and they end up signing up through you you're gonna make a commission and if
you watched my last video you know that i made four thousand dollars in one month
with pinterest affiliate marketing but i also use my tick tock account youtube channel and instagram account
which makes me about ten thousand dollars every single month and so in this video i'm basically going to show
you how you can promote your affiliate link using pinterest tick tock and instagram for free so
first thing you have to do before anything is actually pick a topic or a niche that
you want to promote so i would personally pick the finance niche and that's just because
there are so many companies that you can promote and there is just so much money to be made so if you want you can also
pick the finance niche but if you don't like that there are so many other options
there's travel self-development pets cooking and fitness so once you pick your niche the next
step now is to create an instagram pinterest and tick tock account and i would just make sure to pick a trendy
username and for your profile picture you can create a unique logo i'm going to show you guys mine and i actually
created this with canva so if you want to make this for yourself you can click the link in the description
and you're going to get a 30 day free trial with canva now the next important thing we have to do is create something
called a link tree a link tree is just basically a page where you can put all of your links
for example if you go to my pinterest and click the link in my bio you're gonna see that i have a link tree which
means that there's gonna be a bunch of different affiliate links so in order to do this
go to and create an account so once you create your account you should be brought to this page and sure
it's gonna look empty now because we don't have any links but once you do get links that you can promote you're gonna
put all of them here but just for now what i want you to do is copy your link tree link and then paste it in your
pinterest and instagram bio unfortunately you can't put it in your tick tock bio for
now just because you have to have a thousand followers so obviously we don't want to
keep your link tree empty so what we're gonna do now is actually go out there and find companies that you can promote
that are gonna give you your own link that you can make commission from and just to start off and make it really
easy for you i am gonna recommend two companies that you can start working with right now so the first one is honey
and this is a tool people use and it automatically applies coupon codes to stuff you buy online so
basically this is gonna help people save money and you get 500 gold points for anyone
that signs up through your link and uses honey and for every thousand gold points that you collect
that's going to be 10 that you get to receive so if you want to sign up and start promoting honey now
you can click the honey link in the description of this video so now just create your account and once
you do that click the three lines on the right then click on where it says earn gift cards and then you're gonna be
given a specific link that you can start promoting so now what i want you to do is copy
that link and then go to your link tree and just paste it there now i just have one last company that i
recommend you promote which is coinbase so for coinbase if someone signs up with your link and they buy a
hundred dollars worth of any crypto you're gonna get a 10 commission and they are also going to
get a 10 commission so if you want to sign up for this click the coinbase link in the
description and then create your account so once you create your account click on setting and then click on share love of
crypto and then basically just copy that link add it to your link tree and now you're
all done but of course there's so many other companies that you can promote you don't have to do these ones if you don't
want so i'm going to show you the other ones and how to find them so in order to find other companies that
you can promote you're going to be using literally has thousands of
different companies that you can start promoting so first things first click sign in then
click sign up as partner fill out all your information here then once you log in click on create your
public profile and where it says company logo and company cover image
just upload the profile picture from your social medias then you can skip media property as for description just
put your niche and for me it's finance and for keyword i'll put finance again skip these and just put 2021 here for
this one put content and then for this one put social media influencer ask for your country i'd put us
canada united kingdom and australia and then now just save it and now the next thing you have to do is click on submit
business information for the website add your link tree and then just fill out the rest of your
personal information and now just make sure you validate your email address and sign back into your
account and it's gonna take you to this area here which is just a brand section but since you did just create your
account you can't get any links from here just yet you'll have to wait about three days until your account is
approved so for now i would just search up what niche you're in and look through those
brands and here for adam finance it says that you get five dollars for every person
that signs up through your link honestly i think that's pretty good so what i'll do is
i'll just click that little heart button and now it's gonna add it to the favorites section
so then once my account is approved i can come back here to the favorite section and then apply to get my
affiliate link so continue this process until you find a couple of companies that you want to
promote and if you're not sure which companies you can promote i have a couple in mind that i'm going to show
you so i'm going to put them up here on the screen and if you want you can just take a screenshot and check them out
later and once you actually start making money from promoting these companies
in order for you to actually get the money deposited in your bank account you'll have to click on this downward
arrow then click on bank account then it's going to ask you to fill out all your
banking information and that's how you're going to start getting paid and also if you do want to track how much
money you're making every day you can click on reports then overview
then here it's going to show you how much money each brand is making you every day
and that basically summarizes how you can use but there also is a lot of other companies other than this
one like partner staff and amazon associates which is really popular
and basically lets you promote products from amazon so you can check those out if you want but honestly is
enough and so now once you have all of your links now you can actually start making
money when people click on your links and sign up but obviously in order to actually make money you're going to
somehow have to drive traffic to your link tree and by far the easiest way to drive traffic to your
link tree is by using pinterest [Music] so the first thing you want to do is log
into your pinterest account once you do that just make sure you click on the circle in the right corner
then account settings then linked business account then click create account and you're
just doing this so you can change your pinterest from a personal to a business account and if you want to
grow fast just like i did there's three different types of content that you have to post on pinterest
and we're gonna start with the first one which is called an idea pin and so if you click on that it's going to allow
you to upload any kind of video and so the purpose of uploading these idea pins is that it's actually going to
grow your account really fast and now you're probably wondering what videos am i actually
going to post so you're going to actually post random viral tick talks on your pinterest and
obviously these don't have to be your own and of course you're going to credit the owner of the tick tock so in order
to find these viral videos what you want to do is go on tick tock and then just search up your niche so for me that's
finance and once you do that you're going to see that there is a ton of viral videos that
you can choose from so if you find some that you like what i want you to do is just copy the link
then you're going to go to the website now just paste the ticktock link there
and then download it the reason you're going to do this is because you want to download the ticktalk video without
having that watermark and so now with that video that you have you can just go ahead and post it in the ideapin section
on pinterest and i just want to walk you through how you're actually going to properly post it so click on create
then click on idea pin then find the video then just click next then where it says title just try to
summarize the video in five words then you have to pick a board and this is just basically a way to categorize
your videos so i'm just going to say finance for this category then for tags just put
stuff relevant to your topic for example i could put like finance and how to make money now you can just post
it and then in the comment section of the video just make sure you add the credits for the tick tock owner so now
that summarizes the idea pin and now we're moving on to the next type of content that you have to post on
pinterest which is just the pin now in the pin section you can actually post photos and videos
and now you're probably wondering what is the difference between idea pins and pins
so the main difference is with pins you can actually add your affiliate link both idea pins you can't add any link
and with idea pins you usually do get more views and followers but posting both of these will give you the perfect
balance and so what you should do is post one tick tock video every day in the pin
section now the next thing you can also do with the pins section is actually post photos
so let me show you a picture on pinterest that is a great example of this
which says free 25 stock claim now so i'm actually going to show you how you can create a picture just like this
one using canva so when you first sign into canva it should look like this so click
on create design then click on poster so i just created this one and so now i want to walk you
through the process so you can create it yourself so first thing you have to do is choose
a background color and i like using black because it makes everything else pop
so just click here and then click on the color and then put black now the next thing i want to do to just
make the background a little bit nicer is add some money so i'm going to click here on elements
then just search up money there's a bunch of photos you can pick from but i'm gonna go with this one and
now what you need to do is click on it then click up here and for transparency it's gonna make it a little bit lighter
so i'm gonna put it on 10. now the next thing you can do is actually start adding the text so if you
want to add the text just click on here then click this one and now you can go ahead and write your
text so obviously i don't like this font so i'm going to go ahead and change it i
like to use a different font which i will show you right now so i use the gray clip demi bold and i'm
also going to make it bold again so once you do that you want the text to even pop more so what i like to do
usually is add like a square in the background so click on elements and now i'm just going to search up
square and i'm going to pick this one right here and i'm just going to change the color to black
and now make sure you center it so i'm going to go ahead and do that so right here it says it's in the middle and now
you just have to position your text to make it look good and then now for the claim text i'm going to change it to
green just so it can pop a little bit but now that you're done just make sure you download it so you click up here
then change the size and i would say the bigger the better so i'm gonna put it at 2.5
now you can just click download okay so now you can upload the image in the pin section on pinterest and make sure you
just put a short title then add a short description that just explains the image in like two to three sentences
then you can add your affiliate link and that's basically it now you just post it and i
am gonna recommend that you make four of these photos every week and post them and what i would recommend you do as
well is promote a different affiliate link for each photo so for example today you can post a
photo that promotes honey and then tomorrow you can post a photo that promotes coinbase or whatever else you
want and i remember i told you guys as well in the beginning that you should also create an instagram and tick tock
account now the reason i said that is because anything that you post on pinterest you can also repost it on
there so as long as you follow all the steps i mentioned you're consistent
and your social media continues to grow you will get people clicking on your links and signing up which means that
you're gonna make commissions and at first it might be really slow and you might not make a lot of money but i

Source : Youtube

FREE Affiliate Marketing Course | Complete A-Z Beginners Tutorial For 2021

in this affiliate marketing free course i'm going to show you how to build your own successful affiliate marketing business from scratch even if you're a complete beginner now this is going to be one of the best tutorials i've ever seen and by the end of this i'm going to show you exactly how to start your own affiliate marketing business this is going to be a step by step a to z uncensored completely free tutorial here for you today and this is going to be the best video for you in 2020 and 2020 this strategy will work now and in the future if you want to make money online by promoting products you never even touch now usually people sell this type of information for you you've seen the ads on youtube for a thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand even ten thousand i've even seen people sell this type of information for twenty thousand dollars and you're gonna be getting this here today for free on this tutorial and not only that i'm actually going to give you everything you need to follow along with this so literally everything you need you don't need anything i'm going to give it to you for free today on this video so you can follow along step by step to get started this is a complete bonus that i never give away in these videos but i'm going to give it to you today to make it easier for you to make money with this method now this is what you're going to learn in this video today how to set up a business from scratch how to set up a self-liquidating offer we'll talk about that more in a second if you don't know what that is how to set up and run everything else to get this working how to get hot converting traffic to your offers so you make money now here's just a quick little tutorial on what affiliate marketing is if you don't really know what it is affiliate marketing is when you find a network and you join a network then on that network you find products that you promote for a commission okay so you get paid then you send traffic to those products to get paid and then you get paid your commission you actually make money usually like 50 of the purchase price you get kind of like rewarded for sending traffic to that particular product now there's two ways of really doing this type of stuff there's the slow way and then there's the fast way i'm going to be showing you how to get commissions quickly with the fastest way possible and the fastest traffic that i think is the best for beginners so that's exactly what i'm going to be learning in this video today make sure you subscribe smash that like button tap that notification bell and now i'm going to get into this and show you exactly what you need to do let's not mess around so the first step to do guys is very simple you need to actually go to this document that i have below in this video okay this document is completely free and i'm going to give you everything you need to actually make money with this method this is everything you need you don't need anything else now the next step once you've done that you want to sign up to a program called get response i want to get you ready before we actually start doing the training now they do have pricing but they do have a free 30-day trial that you can actually get on so they have a try um any plan free for 30 days with no credit card required so you want to go and sign up for this i will leave a link below and you can sign up and you can get your account created so you can start to follow along with this process and i'll explain more about how this program works and what it does as we go throughout the training okay so let's get rid of this real quick now the next step is you want to sign up to our website called so this is called you can see up here go and sign up to that website as well and then the next step is we want to actually sign up to a website called because we're going to be using quite a few offers in this training so you can make money so all you do is you go to sign up and then once you've signed up you can simply log in and then when you log in you'll be able to go and find some offers and we'll actually go over this when we get to this part of the training okay it's very simple to understand now i do apologize if i went a little bit too fast on those you can go back but i just want to get through that bit quickly so we could actually get started with the training so your first step is to sign up to get response and have your account ready this is what we're going to be setting up and we're essentially going to be sending out emails to people to make money and let me kind of explain to you how this works okay what we're going to be doing is we're going to be sending people to a page where we collect an email we're going to give away something for free which i'm going to give to you and then we're going to have what we call a self-liquidating offer which we'll talk about a little bit later where we actually make money here and then we make money in the emails as well so let's go through exactly how you can set this up it's very very simple you first of all want to log into getresponse and you want to go to a list and we need to create what we call a list okay i'm going to go to create list and i'm going to name this youtube test course now you would name it whatever you want just name it something that's easier for you to have and look up and you can't have capital letters and you kind of spaces i'm going to go to create now this list has been created and what happens is i can actually put people on this list and then i can start to send emails to them okay now what you're going to be doing in this video is we've created the list okay so the list is set up it's really important that you have this that this is the first step for you to do now you also want to add your email to your get response account to do that you just click up here on my account and you go to settings and you can simply add an email that'll take you through the steps on how to do that because you need to actually send from an email okay now what we want to do is we want to go to menu and we want to go to automation and what we're going to do is we're going to put in three emails now these emails are we're going to set it up so they send out automatically for us okay because we're going to be creating an email list and we're going to send out these emails to an offer in the back end so this is not this offer here this is another offer so to do that what we need to do is we need to kind of skip a step and we need to go to here to clickbank you can actually see i've made some money i've made four grand this week we did three grand yesterday 700 bucks today what you want to be doing is we want to find an offer that we can offer in the email marketing backend of what we're doing now we want to go to marketplace and there's already an offer here that you can promote that i've been promoting and i've got everything set up ready so you can actually use it so there's if you don't if you're not really familiar with clickbank i'm going to assume that most of you guys are basically there's all of these sections down the left here where you can find products to promote so for example i can click on home and garden and there's these products that i can promote i'll get fifty four dollars here i will get thirty one dollars if i got a sale on this one i will get twenty five dollars if i go to sale here there's all of these products that you can promote for a commission and you just click promote and you get a special link uh so this one they actually need to be uh you need to be approved with them let's say we click on this one you get a special link and you just send people to this link now you can just send people to link but you're not really going to make money you need to actually warm people up so this is what i'm going to show you what to do i'm going to go to e-business and e-marketing and there's actually a product down here called the 12-minute affiliate system now this is a really good product to get sales from in the email marketing backend so we're gonna be talking about in the make money online niche now what i've actually done is if we go back to my files here i've got a few things that we can do so download the email page i've actually got some emails that you can use to set up so you can make money with this and we're going to actually be giving away a book as well so the book is going to be what we call our lead magnet we're going to give the book away for free to people to get them in that's that's our what we call our hook so i'm also going to open up the book as well by clicking this and this book is on affiliate marketing so the reason we are going to make money online niche is because it's going to line up with our traffic that i'm going to show you soon okay it's very important that you do it in this niche so this is the book that we're going to give away so what i'm going to do is i'm going to set up one email and then i'm going to quickly set up two more but i'll show you how to set up the first email so this is the only program you're going to need for this okay is getresponse you can collect emails you can do everything you need once you're in the workflow section you want to click on automation messages and you want to go to create an automation message okay really simple to do and you want to name it so i'm just going to name this um 12 min one okay 12 min one you want to name it so you know what it is i'm going to get the subject i'm going to go free book so this is a subject line of the email and this we're gonna set this up so it gets sent out automatically okay automatically you don't have to um do anything and then choose the email that you want to send it from you should have done that in your settings you simply just go to settings you put in the email you follow the instructions and it's real simple to do and then you can just choose your list from here so it'll be linked this to the to add to this list you don't really have to but that's good to do then i'm going to go to next now the next step you're going to want to highlight all of this information here i'll just highlight this here we don't need it at all back to here and i'm going to go to start from scratch i'm going to go to blank template then what i'm going to do is i'm actually going to paste i'm going to drag in a text block i'm going to get rid of this text and i'm going to paste in that information that is there and then what i'm going to do is i'm going to actually highlight it all i'm going to go to times this one and i'm going to make this smaller that's a way a better font or maybe 12. so here it says download your free book so what you want to do then is you want to go to the free book and you want to go to share yeah and then go copy link then go back to here and then where it says download the free book you want to highlight this and you want to go to this little anchor text and you want to paste it in there okay and click ok now we're actually going to be offering them the 12-minute affiliate training so go back to here and click on the 12 minute affiliate system and you're going to get some options what you want to do is you want to and they even have a free book that you can actually give away i think but anyway if we go down you want to put in your name your username and go to create your affiliate link and it should create a link for you yep it has so i'm just going to send them to this free webinar so copy this link this is going to be your affiliate link and you want to send them to the free webinar because that's going to warm people up it's a really really good way to make money i'm going to click on the emails again and i'm going to where it says your link i'm going to highlight this and i'm going to put in the affiliate link okay so now that's all ready this is the first email that's gonna get sent out first with the free book and the email affiliate link okay and then i'm gonna go to next and then this is now gonna be ready to put in our automation sequence but what you wanna do is you wanna set up like two three four or five more emails we have five emails here i think okay so i'm going to just set up number two and number three real quick and all you do is you do the exact same thing so you go back to automation messages and you go to create automation message and just name it so i'll name this 12 min 2 for the second email choose your list and then put in the subject which is a plug and play system again i'll just do this real quickly and then i'll do the third one off camera and i'll come back and then i'm going to go to start from scratch blank template i'm going to go back and i'm going to copy all of this here and now i'm gonna go to here i'm gonna paste it in i'm gonna change the font to something else i like the bottom one now the good thing about get response guys is they allow you to promote affiliate links a lot of people don't i'm going to go back to 12 minute affiliate i'm going to grab that link again i'm going to go back to the second email and where it says click here to get started that's your link so you want to highlight this and click ok all right so this is all now the second email is done this is going to be sent out on day two and then we're gonna go to next and then i'm gonna go and create another one which would be email number three and i'm going to do that real quick and then i'm going to come back and show you so what do you think is the subject line all right guys so i've created three emails now if they don't show up here it doesn't matter i'll show you i'm how to find them in a second but what we're doing is we're we've gone like a bit a bit forward first and then we'll come back to all of this stuff okay we'll come back to all of this stuff what's more important now is we need to get the back end set up this is the most important part because that needs to be set up first before we can start sending traffic and stuff now you want to go to what we call a workflow okay now this is important we want to go to create a workflow and you want to go build from scratch and what happens is when people get into our email list they're going to be put into this flow and we're going and they're automatically going to get sent these emails so it's automation really and i'm going to change this to 12 12 min affiliate promo i'm going to click subscribers or promo and click subscribers now what on the subscriber tab i'm going to go to select a list and i'm going to go to specific i'm going to go and find the list that i created which was youtube course youtube test course then i'm going to add element and i'm going to go to send a message now the reason i like get response guys and then i'm going to connect it the reason i like get response it's really simple for beginners to use okay now i'm i'm going to then select a message from here i'm going to go here and i'm going to go to draft because we actually created a draft before and then i'm going to go and click 12 min 1 and i'm going to go apply so now as soon as somebody gets gives me their email which i'll show you how to create soon they're going to get put into they're going to send this email instantly the next step i want to go wait i'm going to connect this up and i want to click that i want to make sure it says one day okay you can change it wait for wait for one day then i'm gonna go back to sending another email here and i'm gonna go up to order our draft i'm gonna pick the second one p-i-m-2 oh sorry 12-minute 2. the reason i said p-i-m-2 is because it's one of my webinars and then i'm going to go down to weight again and i'm going to choose the third email that i created i'm going to put a weight and then i'm gonna put another message i mean and i'm gonna put um draft and then number three you wanna put a weight block here and you wanna change it to like 50 days the reason why is because this means that people will sit here and you can just keep adding on more stuff and you can change it back to one day and then they'll go through it's just to hold the next you can build out your sequence what's going to happen now is people going to come in from the email that they give me they're gonna get sent the free book and and the training they're gonna wait for one day then they're gonna get sent the second email and then they're gonna wait for one day and then they're gonna get sent the third email and you'll be making money at these points where you should be at these points okay at these emails here so you want to make sure you have all of that set up before you move to the next step and then you want to go to here and you want to go to save and publish so it's live so that's how you've set up the email sequence right so basically i go back to here and i go to automation you should have an email sec uh yep so 12 minute affiliate promo is all set up now when someone gives us their email they're going to go into the sequence and we're going to automatically be promoting them offers in the back end while we're building out our email list so you can see here here's some of my ones where we've got 2 000 people in this one we've got 24 000 in this one we've got some of like 40 000 and stuff like that you're building up an email list and the money that you make is going to be profit for you as well and some maybe pay for some of your traffic depending on what traffic you do so the next step now is we need to set up this section how do we set this up so we can offer the free book and um have what we call a self-liquidating offer now the reason we have a self-liquidating offer here we'll talk more about that later and why we have that but so you can make money obviously but you want to sign up to warrior plus when you're inside warrior plus you want to go to affiliate and you want to go to offers okay you need to be taken to a page like this you want to find an offer that's cheap okay like five dollars six dollars ten dollars so i went with this one here the secret email system it's got a good conversion rate of fifty percent i make around about ten dollars and it's got a zero percent refund rate so they've literally had no refunds on this and then you just click request and what's going to happen is you're going to get given an affiliate link okay so request approval you go request offer and then your request has been sent to the seller and then now you'll be there you'll be notified witnesses um when you get in right and you'll get your own affiliate marketing link now this particular product is i'll show you is really you want to find a product that has a really good landing page and it looks real nice and it has a really good offer so this offer is a book that people can buy for five dollars this is a real low barrier to entry um price right and they'll have upsells and things like that now usually on these you would get a hundred percent commission because they make money with their own stuff in the back end their own like upsells and stuff i don't know how much commission you get with this but you could get 50 20 but i'll just assume that you get a hundred percent because it's usually the case on these types of offers okay so once so we'll come back to this in a second but that's what you do you need to go and find an offer that you can send people to after they give you their email address now to set up the form to get your email address is very simple what i've done is i actually have one for free that you can download so download the email page you can download this for free but to do this you would have to use click funnels and this is click funnels this is what i use if you want to use that and you want to use my templates that's fine but you don't actually have to do that you can actually do this by using get response as well if you want to keep everything in one system so i'll show you how to do that i'll go we'll just forget that click funnels is here but if you want to use my ones you will have to get click funnels because that's what i use we go back to here and we go to automation we go to forms and surveys and we're going to create a form like this we're not like that but similar i'm going to create a form and we're going to go to down here and there's all sorts of forms that you can get so there's like templates and stuff like that it's really best just to get something real simple now on here you can get the book graphics so you'll be able to download all the graphics for the book if you so the book cover png so all of the you know the graphics right the graphics are like this if you want to use those but we won't for this example so i would recommend just getting oh here we go let's let's actually use the book i'll just download it real quick okay so i just downloaded it all you do is you just click this little icon on the right and you can download it so i'm going to use these for this for this video um so that's how you download the book so i'm going to click this one right here and i'm going to go to use template you really want to find a nice simple one you don't want to find an ugly one you want to find a clean one that works well so i'm going to actually click on this image and i'm going to change this image real quick to the book that i'm going to be giving away for free and i'm going to go to add files select i'll just drag it in so i'll go off um this one i'll drag this in i'm going to go to add hopefully it should work i'm going to add this image it should change and then we go it's a little bit weird looking but you'll be able to fix that yourself actually let me just change it again okay so that's a little bit better and i'm going to change the text here to that's terrible font you change your font here so discover how to start your own business online now it's very important that you do a lot of testing it's really going to just depend on kind of like what's on what you want to do but what i'm going to do is i'm actually going to add some more text i'll try and copy and paste this one maybe actually i'm going to add some more text up here and i'm going to put free book because this always works well free book because it's uh and you're going to have a really bright colors and you want to make it bigger all right free book discover how to start your own business now i'm not going to sit here and change this and kind of like design it because it really just depends on what you want to do right you really want to test it yourself and kind of see how it works but i do have one that converts well you can use but you will need to use click funnels okay so free book discover how to start your own business online your name and your address now what we need to do is we need to connect this so it goes to the offer that we that we want to pre that we want to sell to get now you once the approval is done you'll have an affiliate link we don't have one yet but we'll just send them to the sales page for now so i'll copy this i'll copy this link here okay and we'll just pretend that's our affiliate link you want to go to settings you want to make sure that um you name it so i'm going to name this youtube test and you want to choose list i'm going to choose youtube test course it's very important that you have the right list or it won't go into the right automation and take off add cycle on day take that off you don't need that on and then where it says choose thank you page you want to go to stay on page and go custom and then paste that link in there your affiliate link and go to save okay then you want to go to publish and you can edit all of this you can add stuff and stuff like that and then you want to go to get responsible host my form you want to go to copy and you just want to go and test it out and make sure it works i'll do that right now by putting in an email so i'm going to put in my name i'm going to put in an email here and i'm gonna go download now all right that works and as you can see it went to that page so let me just do that again all right this should work now let's go have a look okay now it gets sent to this page where people could potentially purchase that self-liquidating offer which is what it's called now let's just see and that's all you do so this is your link to send people to okay so make sure you save that link i'm actually going to save it real quick for this training make sure you save this link okay because that's where you're gonna send people and you can use a link shortener or something like that if you want okay or you can have it hosted on your own website if you like so i'm gonna go back to here i'm gonna go to automation and we'll see if anybody on there it might not be yet okay so it hasn't added anybody yet usually it takes about 15 minutes 10 minutes five minutes it does take some time but what's going to happen is once they um they go and give us their email that we just created from that form oh here we go it's added them right now there we go just added them it hasn't updated so it's added those two emails and that and those two emails just got sent the book and the offer really really simple to set up guys i've literally just shown you how to set up an email business right here promoting products you don't even own or you could use this to promote your own products it's a very simple method to do very very simple to do it's you've literally just seen live me do this okay if you get back to the forms go to automation click on forms and surveys if you need to add more emails to your automation sequence go to automation emails and then all you do is you go and simply add more emails by going to create automation message and add it like i showed you before very simple and what's going to happen is you're going to make you're going to make money here at this point with that affiliate offer and you're also going to make money at this point but you might be thinking how do you get people to this well let me show you how you get people to this okay it's very simple you're going to want to sign up to a website called okay i will leave a link below for that and you can see that i've actually been doing this here so i've ordered some this week and what we're doing is you can essentially so find sellers you can find other you can find other people that have a huge email list they will actually sell you clicks and leads now the best part is these leads and and people that give you the email they are ready to buy make money online offers okay it's very simple to do and for example let's just take this guy for example he's got really good reviews here i'm going to click on him and what i can do is you you put your link in here so i'll get my link and i'll put the link in here and you just choose um what how many you want to buy and it tells you the date so let's say i want to get 200 visitors and it's going to cost me a hundred and fifteen dollars right you might be thinking oh i don't wanna i don't wanna to spend 115 dollars on on this right i don't want to do that let me explain to you exactly why you would want to do that just for i'm just just so you know how to do it you just go add to cart and you simply buy these visitors so let's explain why you would want to do this let's say for example you spend 115 okay um actually we'll do it here you spend 115 to get 200 clicks to get 200 people to click let's say out of those 200 clicks let's say you get around about i don't know 70 emails which is around about 40 percent you you're probably going to get a lot less but let's just say 70. i usually get around about a 50 conversion rate just say you get 70 leads that's 70 people that give you their email address okay so let's just say you paid 115 for 70 leads that's like 120 per lead now this is just an example i mean you could say you got 50 leads you could say you got 20 leads you got a you got some leads okay what's important is this the reason this offer is here is to pay for that traffic so let's say that you got let's say this is five dollars and let's say you got out of um 70 leads let's say that 10 people purchased this at 5 and 60 cents that's 56 so you've automatically just taken that 115 and you've crossed that out and now you've only spent 59 because you've made back some money from this what we call a self-liquidating offer you've made back some money from this now the 12-minute affiliate let's just go and have a look at that they pay or keep the drawing on the screen real quick all right so the 12-minute affiliate you can average about 113 dollars so all we would need then is one sale anywhere so let's say we get one sale here and let's say we make 100 100 for example right so let's say we make 100 that literally means that we've made 40 dollars profit because this here has paid for a majority of that traffic and then we get one sale here and then we we've made 40 bucks profit and it's literally a rinse and repeat process you just keep doing it and to make even more money all you've got to do is you've got to just put more emails and more offers in the emails that's it a very good system to do so that's exactly guys how you can go out and completely start your own affiliate marketing business online and if you want everything i'm going to leave this below in the description i don't really need to tell you anything else because i've literally showed you exactly step by step how you can do this the fastest way possible like this the the reason i've set it up like this is because you can throw as much money as you want at the saw these are called solo ads you can throw as much money as you want at solo ads once you figure out where you're making your profit okay so if you make your profit on the first email the second email the third fourth fifth sixth it doesn't matter wherever you make it you can keep throwing solo ad traffic at those offers now if you guys want some kind of like advanced training i know this is a completely free tutorial and all that sort of stuff i do have a very cheap course with a lot more stuff a lot more offers a lot more emails and stuff like that now this is completely optional you don't have to buy this i'm not trying to hard sell you on this or anything it's just if you want a bit more help and stuff like that we have private facebook groups and all that sort of stuff i can help you more on a one-on-one basis to actually get this set up and running but it's not something you actually need if you're a complete beginner but the option is there if you want some more training on how you can make money with this method however if you want some more free training i will leave some videos up on the screen that will take you through step by step how to start your own affiliate marketing business from scratch online don't forget to subscribe tap that notification bell smash that like button and if you have any questions let me know below

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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2021 (Step by Step)

Hey everyone welcome to the channel in this video we’re, going to be walking you through step by step, showing you everything that you need to know in regards to affiliate marketing. This is going to be one of my favorite videos.

It’s, going to be a little bit longer, so i recommend taking out a pen taking out a piece of paper and starting to write down some of these different things that we discuss in this video, because this is going to be a to Z, everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, the best practices, the strategies, the best products to promote the best niches and then some other different tips in there as well uh.

I hate that i have to say this, but i have to make this disclaimer uh. We’re, not selling anything here. Okay, there’s; no sales pitch you don’t have to worry about halfway through we say, oh, if you want to find the secret sauce then buy our thousand dollar course there’s.

None of that uh. We have nothing to sell, we don’t sell anything, and so i just want to make that very clear before we get into this, because i feel like i watch so many videos online and i get excited about something i watch tutorial then halfway Through there’s, some big sales pitch you don’t need to pay any money to learn how to do this.

This is totally free. I never paid a single penny to learn how to do affiliate marketing uh and i like to think that we’ve done pretty well with affiliate marketing. I mean we make thousands of dollars per month, uh with affiliate marketing from some of our different websites and our youtube channels and our other media platforms.

We’ll talk about all of those. I’m, not saying that to brag. It’s, just to kind of hopefully establish a little bit of credibility. Maybe you recognize me from one of my other youtube channels, which is the natal brian brand, which just crossed over a million subscribers last week.

So a little bit excited about that. Hopefully, that doesn’t sound like i’m bragging or something it’s just hopefully establish a little bit more credibility here. So you know i’m, just not some random guy talking about this here uh, although i guess i still am kind of random, either way.

Okay, take out a pen take out a piece of paper and let’s, get started with it with this talking about affiliate marketing and how you can make money with this okay. So this is one of my favorite business opportunities for anyone, and you know when people come up to me and they ask me nate what should i do to start a business? How should i make my money, i always say, affiliate marketing and there’s, a reason for this, because with affiliate marketing there does not need to be any startup cost.

You don’t have to worry about business expenses. You don’t have to worry about profitability or profit margins, because with affiliate marketing the way that it functions is you really don’t have very many expenses, so you can get started with this for zero dollars, although i would recommend, Maybe having a budget of like a hundred dollars, because you might want to start a website for your affiliate marketing or maybe you want to buy a camera or maybe you want to buy some different equipment to kind of jump.

Start you a little bit, but for the most part you know you can start this for zero dollars or maybe a couple hundred dollars if you really want to put some money into it, uh for this. This is why i love it.

There’s. No startup cost you don’t have to pay money and, like i said you, don’t have to pay for any courses. I think those are just totally a waste of money in my personal opinion, because there’s, so much free information out there in the world and there’s, really not anything to lose.

I mean if you don ‘ T have to put money into this and you can start this for totally free. Then i think this is a great business to start, because what’s going to happen? Maybe you put in some time and you don’t.

Get that time back because it maybe didn’t work out, but it’s not like you are putting money into starting a hot dog stand down the road. And then you lose a lot of money because you had a loan for it and you lost a ton of money with affiliate marketing.

You can try it and if it doesn’t work out. Maybe you just walk away with not making much money, but it’s not like you lost a lot that’s, sort of my philosophy on it and why i think it’s, a great thing to start with.

So let’s just briefly go over what affiliate marketing is for those of you who don’t know what this is or how it functions, and then we’ll, go far more in depth later on in this video. Okay, so affiliate marketing the basics of understanding.

This uh is that you are not actually the person who owns products, but you are just marketing them for a company. So i’ll. Give you an example here, and hopefully this can really be clarified for most people.

Okay, let’s say that nike is selling shoes right. I think we all know that they sell shoes, they sell clothing. So what we can do as affiliate marketers is, we can go and we can market these nike products on our website or on our youtube channel or on our discord or our facebook group or our tick tock, whatever it might be.

We can market products for other businesses and then we get special links. We get custom links from those business that tracks when people click on our link and goes to that business. And then, if that person buys from that business, we then get a commission or a piece of the pie from that company.

Hopefully i explained that properly. If i didn’t then just stick around for another minute and i think it ‘ Ll all make sense here, but essentially what’s happening? Is we are promoting products for other businesses and in return for promoting those products, we are getting some of the commission.

We are getting some of the revenue uh from the sales of those products. So, for example, uh sometimes i promote vpn services right or i might promote lifelock or some different types of services. On my youtube on my youtube channel and every time that somebody clicks on a special link that is designated for me that i ‘

Ve talked to that company and we have gotten a designated link just for me when somebody clicks on that, and then they buy something through that link that that they have clicked on. I then will get a commission for sending them over there now.

Hopefully that makes sense there, but let me actually show you a little bit more in detail here. Let’s. Take a look at my youtube channel and i’ll. Show you what i mean by this okay. So here we have my youtube channel and for any video that you might see here, let’s, go down and let’s.

Look at uh, perhaps let ‘ S say that we want to look at this video about my investment portfolio right. So if we go down into the description here, we’ll, see a couple of different. What we call affiliate links and these affiliate links is how i make money with affiliate marketing, okay, so the first one here is robinhood, which i don’t really promote them anymore ever since they had that big problem back in january 2021.

Here, but robin hood here, for example, when somebody clicks on my link, it says: get a free stock when you open an account with robinhood. If somebody clicks on this right here, it then takes them to the robinhood landing page, and at this point, if they sign up for robinhood, i will then get money from robin hood for bringing them a new customer.

So this is how affiliate marketing works. It can go a little bit more in-depth. It can get a little bit more complicated. You can see some other ones here as well like, for example, uh. I have one for life insurance on my channel, and so if people click on this one right here, which is natobrine.

comladder, i’ll – show you how to get these custom links as well. You ‘ Ll probably want to know how to do that. It takes you to ladders website and then, if somebody fills this out, then i get money from ladder for sending over a potential customer uh to that company.

So that’s, how affiliate marketing works and what’s great about this is that you, don’t have to use a youtube channel. You don’t have to use a blog there’s. A lot of different ways to basically get link clicks and get conversions through your special link that you get from a company.

Now you might be asking: how do you get this link from a company i’ll. Show you how to do that. There’s different ways to do that, but what we call these are affiliate networks. Hopefully you’re writing this down as well, so that you can really gain something out of this video here today.

One more great benefit to affiliate marketing is that we don’t have to deal with some of the things that most businesses have to uh allocate time for like, for example, dealing with customers who maybe are unhappy with a product, or maybe your product Breaks and then the customer is not happy, they want a refund or they want a new product as an affiliate marketer.

Our goal here is to just market the product for the business send the customer over there and once the customer is at the company. That’s. The company’s thing to deal with so trust me. I’ve run physical product companies.

In the past, i’ve run other companies in the past as well, and i can tell you that affiliate marketing is probably the most hands-off out of any of these, because we just have to worry about getting the customer to the front door and Once they’re in the door, then it’s, not really our problem anymore.

I don’t know if i should wear it as problem, because i want to bring up another clear point here, which is that as an affiliate marketer, it’s very important to take your integrity very seriously uh. I think this is something that’s, sort of a problem here, where affiliate marketing sort of gets a bad rap, because there’s, a lot of just scammy scummy people uh in this industry who will promote bad products uh and they Know that they’re, not good products, but they’ll, promote them anyway, just so that they can make some money don’t, be this person.

I don’t. Do this uh, for example, if there’s a product that you know is just it’s, not good! You should not be promoting it, because that’s. First of all, it’s, not morally correct, but also what’s going to happen? Is your viewers or your readers, or wherever else, people are seeing your information and finding your link? They’re, not going to trust.

You very much if they see you promoting products that turn out to not be very good products. They’re, not going to be repeat, listeners, repeat, watchers, repeat readers, and so you can end up losing those people who are viewing your content or or reading your content and it’s just going to be a bad situation overall.

So make sure out of all of this, that if you ever promote products with affiliate marketing that you actually use those products yourself or you like those products or you’ve at least done your due diligence to read other reviews and see what other People are saying about the product and have a good understanding of whether this is actually something that you want to attach your name to or if it’s, just a crap product, because trust me there’s.

A lot of crap products out there that i would never touch – and i would never promote just because they are not very good okay, so we’ve talked about why affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity and we’ve, also identified.

What affiliate marketing is, but now let’s, talk about how to find products. How do you find niches, what types of products can we promote, and also how much can we actually expect to make with affiliate marketing um? So let’s start off with understanding the different types of products that we can promote, and the big easy answer here is that most companies most products will have an affiliate program.

It probably already exists – and i would say that probably 80 of companies out there that do b2c, which is basically just for consumers uh. They are going to have some type of affiliate program. The best way to find this is just do a quick, google search right.

So you can just google nike affiliate program or adidas affiliate program and see if a product that maybe you want to promote uh already has that program available. You might be able to find it that way, but if you aren’t finding it that way, there are going to be three different affiliate networks that i want to share with you in this video that i use on a daily basis to find New products to promote and those three different affiliate networks are amazon associates.

It’s, gonna be a fun one, we have impact and we have each. One of these is a great way to find products to promote and also get a better understanding of the whole landscape that we’re, looking at and and looking at the different prices uh and the different amounts of money that we can make with Affiliate marketing, so let’s first start with amazon associates.

I really think this is sort of like a rite of passage for any affiliate, marketer uh. This is the first affiliate program that i joined, and this is promoting products that are already on amazon and we’re, getting a commission for this, so i can pull up the fee schedule here.

Let me do that right now, so we can sign up for amazon associates uh, and what we’re going to have here is: if we get a special link which can be to any amazon product at all. You know you find a product on amazon that you like you, can get a link directly to that product through your amazon associates dashboard and then, when people click on it, you can end up making money if they buy anything on amazon within the next 24 hours, Because they clicked on your link and it’s tracked via cookies or there’s, some other ways to track.

But here is the fee schedule. This is what we can make with amazon associates and it does vary on the type of product and the category that it is in right. So if somebody buys a physical book through our specific amazon link, we can get four and a half percent commission from the sale of that book.

So four and a half percent of maybe a 20 book would be about what about um 80 cents of a commission that we would get from selling that book now that doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but if we can get thousands Of people to buy this book, then it starts to add up to thousands of dollars, and you can see this is simply just a numbers game right.

But let’s go through here and let’s. Look at the different products and see what we can actually make from amazon associates. If we’re selling, beauty products, luxury beauty products, we can end up getting a 10 commission from getting people to those products.

So if we sell a thousand dollars worth of luxury beauty products uh, because somebody clicked on our link and they bought a thousand dollars worth of luxury beauty products on amazon, we could get a 10 commission on that which would be 100 in our pocket.

I know actually my brother mike. Does this a lot with different types of tech reviews? He does tech reviews for some of his blogs, but also for some of his youtube channels, and he can end up selling cameras that cost two thousand dollars on amazon and he’s.

Getting a commission from that for anywhere between. It looks like two and a half percent if he’s, if he’s, promoting computers, uh up to some higher numbers as well right about four percent for other items.

So you know if he’s selling a two thousand dollar camera and he’s. Getting a four percent commission on that. He might be making eighty dollars uh when every time that somebody clicks on his link and then buys a camera through his link.

So you can see how this can really end up making you a lot of money. I highly suggest signing up for amazon associates because it’s, probably going to be the best and easiest way to get your feet wet with affiliate marketing.

So you can just google amazon associates or i will leave a link to it down below as well. If you want to sign up for amazon associates and just kind of explore some of the different products, because let’s go over here.

Let’s, click on product links and we can actually just go through and you know let ‘ S say that we want to promote this book called the intelligent. You know what how about we want to promote a canon, eos r, which is the camera that i use right now.

So let’s say that you wanted to pick up this camera and start filming videos well uh. I can promote it right here and here’s. One with 8k video for 3899. can get the link right here and i can shorten it and i can highlight it and boom just like that.

I now have this link and if you click on this link, i will then get credit for any purchase that you make through amazon in the next 24 hours. It’s, pretty cool, i don’t. Think you’re, going to want to miss out on something like this and it’s.

Free to sign up for amazon associates there’s, no cost to that. So once again you know you don’t. Have to worry about spending money on anything now, besides, amazon associates, there are two other ones that i really like finding products on and these two other platforms, these two other affiliate networks.

They have thousands of different products on them and from what i found, they actually end up paying a lot more money because amazon the fee schedule it’s, still pretty low. I mean you know you’re only making between one and ten percent for every item that you are selling or that you are getting people to buy through your affiliate link.

Uh. Let me just show you, though, actually what we’ve made on amazon in the past uh month, or so you know. In the past 30 days, we’ve made 350 uh through amazon, so it this might be a lot of money to some people.

But overall, when you’re, looking at the broad scale of things for the amount of clicks that we are getting driven to amazon, this actually isn’t very good um. And i say this because you know if you’re making 350, but you are getting thousands of clicks right from 5 000 clicks.

We’ve made 350. That’s, not very good um. There are better ones that if you’re getting 5 000 clicks, you can make thousands of dollars. Okay, so just about perspective, i don’t want to make it sound. Like 350 is not a lot of money, because i know you know that’s still pretty good, i mean you can probably pay some of your rent with that.

So it’s, still pretty nice to have, but let’s go over and let’s. Look at impact impact radius is what it ‘ S called this is just This is another affiliate platform that you can find different companies on.

So let’s, go over and let’s. Take a look at that now, okay, so now we are on We have created an account uh. This is for one of my other brands here um, but you can just see how many different categories we have for products that we can promote.

I would recommend just going through and finding different products and, seeing you know is this something that i think my audience would like. Or is this something that i think i could find a way to promote this via maybe paid ads, even videos about paid ads and how to make money with that? Or maybe you want to have organic traffic, but what i would suggest doing is going through and finding a couple of different products or industries.

One of my favorites actually is education. I think education is a great one, but also you know, perhaps maybe you know you’re looking through this, and you think that organic and eco-friendly would just be right up your alley.

Maybe you have some type of publication or you have a website where you talk about uh, you know being uh, sustainable, right and and and making sure that you are staying healthy. So let’s, go through here and see if we recognize any of these brands.

What’s this right here? Look. We have burt’s, bees right here and they’re, offering a 10 commission for every uh purchase that gets purchased through bert’s bees. Now let’s. Look at the details here and we can see actually something really cool, and this is that uh.

It says 30 days right here now, 30 days. What this means is that, if somebody clicks on your link – and they maybe don’t buy something right away, but they clicked on your link on uh mid-february right, but they don’t actually buy anything for 29 days, but on day Number 29: they decide to buy something through your link.

Well, because this is a 30-day cookie period if they buy something on day number 29, like a month after they clicked on your link, you can still end up getting the credit for that sale and still getting money for that sale because it was within this 30 Day window that burt’s, bees allows so it does depend on the company.

We call this cookie length. Sometimes the cookie length for companies is only 24 hours like your amazon. Affiliate links will only have a 24-hour cookie length versus some of these other companies that might have a 30-day cookie length or a 90-day cookie length which is going to determine you know how long after somebody clicks on your link.

Are you still eligible to to get a a um, basically credit for getting that sale? So even if they click on your link and then they don’t buy anything for 29 days, but on day number 29 they buy something.

You can end up. Getting the money for it, so it’s, pretty cool, to see something like that, but i would suggest going through – and you know just kind of looking at the different amounts of money that are are being offered for some of these different products and See if something really just lines up for your industry or for your niche here’s, one that i actually like a lot five star nutrition, let’s say that you have a fitness youtube channel or you have a fitness website or You have a fitness, facebook group, so five star nutrition is a great one for people who maybe are in that fitness industry.

If we look at the different rates that they’re, offering it’s between 10 and 20 percent commission for sales that you get through them with a 30-day cookie window now with impact, we can also see the average 30-day earnings per Click for the affiliates who are already working with this company five-star nutrition, and then we can see that the average earnings per click or epc is two dollars and two cents that’s, actually really good um.

And so this means that if the average affiliate with five star nutrition, let’s say that they’re. Getting a hundred clicks for a hundred clicks. They might end up getting 202 dollars uh in total because they’ve.

Driven 100 clicks. It obviously varies depending on the type of traffic that you are getting to right. If you are um promoting this company to 12 year olds, who don’t have any money you’re, probably not going to get a lot of conversions with that versus.

If you’re, promoting this to highly targeted uh weight lifters, who are already uh, looking for different types of uh supplements and different types of vitamins um, so you know you want to think about who you’re, promoting products to as Well, making sure that you’re targeting the correct audience so that you can get a proper high earnings per click um.

So you know go through and search through impact find some different brands that you think are pretty cool that maybe perhaps you could promote and then, if you find them, you just click apply and you go through you apply and then you either get accepted or rejected.

For that affiliate program uh, there is an important part here, though, that uh determines whether you actually get accepted into these affiliate programs um. And what determines that? Is they look at your website or they look at your youtube channel.

They see the type of traffic that you are bringing right, um, and so this is why i think it’s really important to build the website. I’ll, leave a link to one that we use down below, which is this hostinger.

You can create a website with their uh on there with wordpress for like a couple of dollars per month. It’s, pretty inexpensive uh and we’re partnered with them. It’s, actually an affiliate link. To be honest, so if you find value in this video, we would appreciate if you built the website using that link.

But you know don’t don’t feel the pressure too you don’t have to it. Would just uh help us out a little bit and help keep this video free um. So this is one of the different affiliate networks, the third one that i want to show you is called cj.

So this used to be called the commission junction. They just call it cj now, so it’s, and this affiliate network also is very similar to impact. They have a number of reputable brands that you probably already recognize who basically run their affiliate program through this network, so they have thousands of different companies on here.

So let’s, just kind of look at some of the different um. You know things that we’ve made. This one is actually, i believe, for my personal brand, the one that i’m logged into here, but looking at you know, last month i made about hundred dollars uh in affiliate commissions in profit.

In my pocket um – and i i don’t wan na like show this to to brag that’s. Not the point here. I just wanted to show you like it’s very possible to make money with affiliate marketing. Uh – and this is just one of the programs that i’m in right, so this is cj.

com and we can go through and look at different advertisers. So let’s. Click up here and let’s. Look at different advertisers and perhaps find one that we think could be a great fit for our brand. So let’s.

Go through here and let’s just scroll through and see what we can find here. You’re. Probably going to recognize some of these right 23andme, maybe you recognize 23andme it’s that dna test to see sort of where your ancestors are from or what heritage you might have, and so we can apply to the program right here.

We can get a link for it pretty easily pretty quickly, and so you know we’re still on a here. We’re. Looking at aaa, we’re still scrolling, and so you can just see how many companies there really are on here, and i can nearly guarantee that you’re, going to find some companies on cj.

com or on or on amazon associates That you can decide to start promoting, but let’s say that you ‘ Ve found these right. Maybe you found a product. You say this lines up perfectly. I’m gonna promote adidas or i’m.

Going to promote this vpn or i’m, going to promote 23andme or five-star nutrition once you find the things that you want to promote, you need to think about how you’re, actually getting people to click on your special link on Your affiliate link: how are you going to do this, and this leads us into how to get traffic and how to get link clicks, which is the next section of this video okay, this is one of my favorites.

I love marketing. I spend all day every day, just thinking about this, so hopefully i don’t nerd out too much on you here, but once again i hope you’re writing some of this down. Okay. So when thinking about how to get people to click on our link, there’s.

Two primary strategies here there’s, free traffic and there’s paid traffic. Sometimes people also refer to free traffic as organic traffic versus paid traffic. Now, what is the best way to do this? Well, we’ve done both we have created blogs.

We have created youtube channels and different media outlets that are totally free. We don’t pay any money for that right. We just have them totally free and then the paid traffic is running ads. So you can actually run ads with your affiliate link and make money basically sort of kind of uh, with certain profit margins that are not as great, but still it’s possible.

Let’s. You know, use an example. If you, google, best bank accounts, you’ll, probably notice a bunch of different ads that’ll pop up before you actually get to the actual things that you search for right.

Some of those ads can be affiliate links. They can be affiliate websites, but overall we like to use free traffic. I do have a couple of ad tutorials. I have some facebook ad tutorials instagram ad tutorials and google ad tutorials on this youtube channel.

So if you want to check those out feel free to go and look at those, if you want to run paid ads with your affiliate links, you can do it. Sometimes you just have to make sure you read the terms of service for those different affiliate programs, because a lot of companies don’t want you running ads with your affiliate link on that company’s name, it gets kind of complicated, But it is still something that you know.

Sometimes people do decide to run ads for their affiliate links and just kind of force traffic there. The problem here is that it costs you money right and especially in the beginning, if you are running ads to your website or you’re running ads to something that maybe contains affiliate links um, this costs, you money and you’re Gon na do a lot of split testing, a lot of a b testing to figure out the best types of ads.

So overall, i would not recommend starting with it. We run some paid ads, but it’s only because we’re profitable because of our free traffic, and now we can afford to run some paid ads for some of our different affiliate products that we promote.

So for this video we’re, really going to focus on free traffic, how to get free traffic to your links, um, and traditionally you know sometimes when i watch these affiliate marketing videos, because i’ve done my research um and i’ve watched these affiliate marketing videos for years.

I will see people say that the best way to do this is to put your links on forums like go on to quora or like go on to other facebook groups, and just like put your link everywhere and just paste your link everywhere, you can get people To click on it, i would not recommend doing this.

You don’t want to spam. People with your affiliate link. Don’t be that person nobody likes that person, and so you want to do this selectively and you know sort of going in and getting people to click on your link without be doing it in a deceptive manner.

You want this to be very natural. You want this to be organic, so a great way to do that, for example, um is to get some type of organic traffic or free traffic from building on different types of social media or ranking for search.

So the easiest way to do this is with a blog. I’m, actually going to show you how to build a website and how to set up a blog, because i think, regardless of where you’re. Getting your traffic from you need a website to funnel people back to where you can.

Then paste your affiliate links on that website on that landing page right. So let’s, look at here and you can see that for my personal brand, you know when i talk about things on my youtube channel.

I actually send people over to my resources page on my website, which then has different types of investing apps right. This is an affiliate link. This is also an affiliate link. This banking one is an affiliate rank.

This insurance one is in affiliate link as well. So i think, building a website and ranking on google, for some of your blog articles is a great strategy. We do have various videos showing you how to build websites on this channel, so you can check those out.

I will also leave that link to hostinger, which is a wordpress host, that you can build a website with for a couple of dollars per month. It is an affiliate link, so i do get a little bit of money for it.

Just because we’re talking about affiliate marketing, okay, but you don’t have to click on it. It does help support the channel. It does help keep these videos free. So i certainly would appreciate it, but you, don’t, have to click on the link.

If you don’t want to, but it’d, just be centralmedia.comhostinger. If you wanted to sign up for that website – and so you can start building your website with that um, but let’s say that you, don’t want to write a blog.

You you don’t want to start with the blog in 2021. Maybe you just feel weird about it, because it just sounds strange, starting a blog in 2021. By the way i’m telling you it’s. Not you can start a blog now and you can still make a lot of money with it.

We’ve done it. We started one in 2019, we started on 2018. They’re, making us money, okay, um, but you can also decide to start a youtube channel to get traffic. This is my favorite one uh. Obviously you know my personal brand has a million subscribers.

I do a lot of affiliate marketing on there. I’ve made thousands and thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing from my personal brand by promoting those products. Um, not everybody, likes to speak to a camera.

You don’t have to be speaking to a camera. We have youtube channels where i don’t touch it um. I i don’t make the videos. Somebody else makes the videos. I basically just run it and i say hey.

You know. I think we should make these videos uh for next month and they say: okay sounds good, they go and they make the videos i pay them. And then i make money off of the whole thing, because i end up making more money in affiliate commissions from the videos that somebody else makes for me.

So you can run it like a business and not even have to be the person who makes the actual videos. I honestly like making the videos um, but also one thing to note as well. If you’re worried about going the youtube route uh, i wouldn’t worry too much, because a lot of people think you know it feels weird talking to a camera or they don’t think that they’re a natural speaker – i am the least natural speaker out of anyone, um and – and that sounds ridiculous – maybe for some people, because they think that maybe i’m able to somewhat articulate somewhat uh, because you know we don’t Script.

These videos, for example, i’m just talking to a camera here um, but i can promise you my videos when i first started were absolutely horrendous. They were terrible. I had to remove them and delete them because they were just so bad and maybe, if i’m up to it, i’ll.

Show you a video right here of one of my first youtube videos. It was just really embarrassing. Thousands and thousands of dollars into marketing campaigns, without even taking advantage of some key marketing techniques that every business should be utilized yeah.

Hopefully that makes you feel a little bit better about starting a youtube channel because uh you got to start somewhere and it. I honestly. I just cringe when i think about it, but how to throw it out there because uh it just.

You know over time you improve with your speaking capabilities and your sk, your speaking skills, and sometimes you know if you mess up like i just kind of stuttered on my own words there, but you just keep going or you edit it out it’S not a big deal um, so starting a youtube channel having a blog.

Those are great ways to get traffic, but there’s. Other things you can do as well. One of them is an instagram page. I have friends who’ve built instagram meme pages, specifically that they get tons of affiliate commissions from their swipe up features on their stories on instagram.

The problem here is that you need to have 10 000 followers to be able to get those swipe up features on instagram. So if you don’t have that or if you think it’s, going to take you a really long time for that, then that might be somewhat problematic.

You could also put a link in your bio as an affiliate link for instagram pages. If you want to do that besides those another one that i really like, that, i think is great for getting free traffic is facebook groups or discords.

But the key here is that you have to own this facebook group, or you have to own this discord, or maybe this is like reddit or something else. The key here is that you really want to be the owner of this of this group that you’re in, so that you can regulate and make sure that your link, you know, doesn’t, get deleted or flagged by other people, Because you know like, if you go into some random facebook group – and you start just blasting your affiliate links to everybody – you’re gonna get banned.

Nobody likes that like what’s, the sketchy link right. It just looks weird, but if you own the facebook group, i have a friend who has a facebook group about credit cards and it has tens of thousands of people in that facebook group and every now and again he will go into that facebook group.

Maybe once a week or uh every couple of weeks and he will say hey how’s, everybody doing just found this new credit card uh. They just have this new offer. I’ll, leave a link to it right here and he places his link and then he pins that at the top of the facebook group and because it’s, his group, his followers like him, they know him, they trust him, and So they honestly might go and click on that link and then sign up for that credit card uh.

Because of that. So if you do decide to go that group route, uh just make sure that you own those groups and also once again going back to the basics of what we talked about. Keeping a high level of integrity is also very important for something like that uh.

Besides that, you know anywhere else, you can get media or anywhere else you can get followers or eyes on you, uh or on your product or on your business is going to be helpful as well. I have some tick tock friends uh who ‘

Ve blown up on tick tock and they’re able to convert their tick tocks into link clicks because in their tick tock at the end, they’ll, say click link in my bio or go and click on the links. In my page on tick, tock and then people do it right, and so you can get affiliate commissions through there and you can start to see that pretty much anywhere.

You can start to make money as long as you have eyeballs and people looking at you or at your brand, it doesn’t have to be you specifically, and i think, if you’re, not really looking to be on camera, then I i would probably suggest starting a blog or outsourcing this work and having other people make videos for you.

If you don’t want to be on camera, but honestly guys it’s. It’s, honestly kind of fun. Talking to a camera and making making youtube videos, so one of my favorite sources of traffic is email, marketing, uh, and so you can collect email accounts from any of your followers.

Whether this is on your blog or on your youtube channel or anywhere else where you’re, getting traffic from you collect their emails and you can own this email list and you can send these emails out whenever you want with affiliate links in those Emails that you send out right.

I know that morningbrew, for example. This is a company that i believe was valued at 30 million dollars last year and all they do is affiliate marketing. They basically just write emails. They have an email newsletter that comes out monday through saturday.

They actually sponsor me on my main youtube channel um, but they embed this email newsletter, which is packed with value. They embed it with different types of affiliate links for different products and they make money with affiliate marketing.

They make millions of dollars with affiliate marketing from an email newsletter that’s now worth over 30 million dollars because of affiliate marketing so consider making an email newsletter and just getting people to sign up for that newsletter.

Uh through different types of platforms, or through making a couple of tick tocks, making a couple of youtube videos and getting them onto the the email that you can then hit them with the different types of affiliate links right.

So you can see how this is endless opportunities. We have so many other videos on how to gain traffic organically, how to grow youtube channels how to grow instagram pages. I think we have a lot of videos on those topics, so you can go search through our channel um if you want to check some of those out all right.

So, as i was mentioning earlier, it’s, really crucial to have a blog or to have a website that you can get people to come back to. So if they’re, finding you on youtube or they’re, finding you on tick, tock or anywhere else, you want to funnel people back to your website to your blog, which might also rank for google search, but also you can use To write articles and to have resource pages like what i do with natobrian.

com looking at the resource page there – and this is a great way to embed affiliate links and make these nice buttons that people think can then click on. So let me show you super quickly how to make a really good website in about 15 minutes here.

Okay. So what we use here is hostinger. You can go to hostinger. We got you guys a special discount here. This is an affiliate link which would just make sense because we’re, making a video about it.

So you don’t have to use it, but it would help support this channel. If you found some value in this video, we would really appreciate it, but, like i said, don’t feel pressured to we’re using hostinger here to build a wordpress website, and this is really inexpensive.

So right now, their plans that they have available is for 99 cents per month, which is really inexpensive. You’re, not going to find anything lower than that. I don’t know if this price is going to go up right now.

It’s pretty low, but if you’re, seeing it right now, if you click on the link for hostinger, if it looks like a different price, it’s, probably just because it went up a little bit, but It’s, still going to be probably one of the best options out there, so we can go ahead and click on this and we can sign up for it and it will take us through the process of building our website.

So we’re, going to go with this one right here for 48 months for 99 cents or you know, maybe we want to go for something like one month, just try it out, but for this this is still pretty inexpensive right here.

At this option, okay, so let’s, go ahead and let’s go through with purchasing this plan all right, so i’m submitting my info here. This cost me 47 to have a website for two years. Like i said it’s, going to be the cheapest thing, you’re, possibly going to find for building a website.

It took us a long time to find this company. If you don’t like hostinger, we have another one called siteground that we use for some of our websites and this one’s, also great as well. It’s just a little bit more expensive, but also i find to be a little bit more premium of a service.

If you’re trying to build a website like super fast loading speeds, for example um. So here we are with hostinger it’s now going to have us create a password for the account that we are now creating. So let’s.

Go! Do that right now? Okay, so we’ve created our password, and now we’re going through the process of setting up our website. So let’s. Click start now, and they make this really easy to do to build our blog or to build our website.

Now we might want to have to go and buy a domain because we don’t own a domain. It’s, just like the little thing that says: dot com on it. So let’s. Try to buy a domain here, let’s, say uh. Let’s! Call this one! Super nutrition super nutrition guy and let’s, see if we have a uh domain available for this and it looks like we do.

Okay, i just made this up on the spot, so it might not be a great domain, but overall going for com domains, we find do perform better than things like net or dot biz or some of these other different uh domains that you might see available.

So try to go for If you can so or maybe we’ll, promote some five-star nutrition supplements on this website. Then we can click continue and then we can decide. Do we want to build a new website or migrate your site, you’re, probably going to be building a new site, so click that and then have we built a website before you can say no, i’m going to say yes Because i have – and we can skip over some of the different tutorials there of what they’re, going to try to take us through and then we can go and click on wordpress website.

So we’re going to do that now. I’m going through this relatively quickly, just so that you can get the idea here and hopefully get your site started as well. So let’s, create a password here for our new wordpress account that we are creating and click continue and now we can choose a different theme right.

So we have themes on here that we can choose for our affiliate website. Let’s say that we really like this one select this and then we can finish setting this up right here. So we can click finish setting up now it’s, going to take a couple of minutes to set up, but once it does, our website is is almost complete.

I mean it is probably going to be 40 complete here um, and so this is going to take. It says about three minutes to fully set up, so we can skip ahead here uh once this does this, so it did take us a little while to get our domain verified, but we’ve, waited about five to ten minutes.

For that and now i’m going to click on hosting and then i’m going to click on manage and then i’m going to click on dashboard because we’re going to our wordpress dashboard. So that we can actually start building out our website, so let me click on this and then we’re gonna go down and click on edit website.

Okay, so now that we’ve clicked on edit website, it’s. Now, opening up it’s redirecting to our wordpress dashboard um, which might look a little bit confusing at first. But this is how you’re gonna build your website uh, and this is how you’re gonna operate everything.

Okay, so we see We can actually go and visit the site right here. This is a live website. Our site is up and running uh. This is remember the theme that we just picked earlier, uh in in this tutorial um, so it doesn’t.

Look right. I mean it’s, obviously not what we want. It to be, but the theme the layout maybe is, is how we wanted it to look right and so now what we can do with this wordpress website is. We can change these words.

We can change uh these different things here and we basically already have something to go off of, because i’m. Assuming you’re, probably not a web developer uh. You probably might not know how to like inject lines of code – and i’m – certainly not very well versed in that either, and so it’s easier to just use a template like this.

So this is what our site looks like right now we can change it up by just going back and clicking on this. W right here takes us back to our wordpress dashboard, and now we can start to add pages. We can manage these pages right.

Maybe we want to delete this service page. We can just trash that we wanted to create a new page here. Maybe we want to create this and make it something different right. So we can just um add new and we can say that you know.

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