How I Made $152,000 in 2 Months with Affiliate Marketing [Full Tutorial]

I recently made over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in the last couple of months
just by myself using this laptop right here and in this video i'm gonna show you exactly how i did it
and i'm gonna show you proof as well hi guys welcome back to the channel if you're new my name's liam james k
and this channel is all about entrepreneurship marketing and making money online
and in today's video i'm going to show you exactly how i managed to make over 150 grand
all by myself just using this laptop in just over two months as well it's pretty crazy and i'm going to show you the
exact strategy now i wasn't leveraging my personal brand or a massive following
or i wasn't doing any coaching or selling any courses or anything like that
all i was doing to make this money is affiliate marketing and i'm going to show you exactly how i
did that in this video and the process that i went through to earn this money from start to finish it is going to be a
super super valuable video so make sure that you're paying attention first of all i'm just going to jump on
my computer and show you proof of my earnings and then i'm going to walk you through the whole
process of how i managed to get to that level so let's jump on my laptop and i'll show
you some proof of earnings so you're just on my computer now and this is my affiliate dashboard so this shows the
earnings i've made from promoting this product over the last couple of months so i'm just gonna you
can see here on the right hand side 152 000 has been paid out in 2020 that says 2020 year today
and just this week i've been paid out over four thousand dollars i'm just going to reload this page here so you
know it's not a screenshot or anything and you can see here the earnings 152 000 is still there and i know it says
year to date 2020 and i showed some of this in a previous video and someone's like well how do we know you earned it
in the last month or so but i'm just going to come here to reports and then performance reports and
you'll see that i actually only joined this affiliate
network in august we're now in middle of october so it's just over two and a half months you can see here
this is the date of august and you can see this is my conversions for this offer going
up and you can see i obviously upscaled it at this point they made me downscale
it here while i just checked the quality of of the traffic that i was sending i then upscale it again
and then as you can see now it's obviously starting to die off a little bit the offer is still making me money i
have actually been split testing the same offer on other networks so i have got a few more
conversions coming through than this but it's still a very profitable offer and it's making me a
lot of money that's made me over 150 grand in just over a few months so now i'm
going to walk through how i did that and reveal everything but i want to be clear that the strategy that i'm sharing with
you in this video is working for me today it's a profitable strategy which is actually making me profit
at this moment in time so i know there's a lot of other youtube gurus out there that are that promoted old strategies
and things that worked last year or five years ago but i want to make sure that i'm putting
out content on this channel which is working now for me and can get you real results
so if you like that kind of content then please all i ask is you smash the like button
it really helps me out with the youtube algorithm and it costs you nothing at all
so first of all i just want to be totally transparent that out of that 150k that i've generated in commissions
all of it isn't profit because obviously i've been running paid adverts to those affiliate offers
so i know the title is a little bit clickbaity but i still have generated 150 000
in commissions that have been paid out to my bank account but i've just had to pay for adverts
to make that happen i'm going to talk you through that now so out of the 150 i think it's 152 000
that i've generated in commissions from this campaign i actually spent over 110 000 on adverts which is
obviously a massive massive chunk but that was my only running cost just the adverts the rest is profit
and you obviously see other people doing amazon fba or shopify and stuff like that
and they've got this crazy ad spend plus they've also got to pay for the product so the good thing about this is the only
expense was the advert and you might think whoa 110 000 just to make 150
000 back that doesn't sound like a good deal but it is a fantastic deal if you actually think about it because if i was
to ask you to give me and ten dollars and i was going to give you a hundred and fifty dollars
straight back you're gonna make forty dollars profit would you do it yes you would if you could do that on
repeat constantly every hour of every day would you do it of course you would so it is actually a
fantastic return it's a better return than putting your money in stocks and shares and things like that it's crazy
crazy return and it don't let the hundred and ten thousand dollars scare you off because i didn't just go
whoa i've got 110 grand i'm gonna go and throw this on adverts i started off with a very smallish budget
you obviously have a much much smaller budget it could be a grand or something like that
you spend that on the adverts then you make profit from that and then you spend the original ad spend
plus the profit and it basically compounds and you keep building and building and building
so you might start off with a grand buy a few weeks in you might have ten thousand dollars that
you've built up in profit and then you're spending ten thousand dollars on adverts and it keeps
up scaling and upscaling and upscaling so do not be scared off by this large amount of ad spend
you can start off with a much much smaller budget so now we got that all out of the way i'm going to jump on my
computer and actually show you how i did that so first of all i just want to show you this which is basically
a layout of the campaign which i use to make this money it's a really really simple campaign i just want to talk you
through this just so you've got an idea of how it works and i'm actually going to be showing you
live examples of offers and pre-sale pages and everything you need to know
um so do not worry it's not going to be some powerpoint presentation but i just think this is important
just to show you the actual process that i actually came to to make this money so first of all you
we need a traffic source um which is just clicks people clicking on adverts
basically that's what that is and we're going to send them to a pre-sale page which is just a certain type of landing
page it's going to show you that example in a moment certain type of landing page
which on that landing page is going to be promoting a certain type of affiliate offer
and then there's going to be a button on that page which leads through to this affiliate offer and that's where we're
going to be earning those commissions now it's very very basic and simple but it works so we're not going to be doing
any email marketing with this strategy it's just going to be straight sales straight clicks to a
pre-sale page to an affiliate offer so it's actually very very simple to get started so you
want to make big money like the 150k that i generated in the last couple of months
then you're going to need a few things to make this work it's not just going to be a stab in the dark you're going to
need an affiliate friendly traffic source and so where we can actually run these
adverts i'm going to show you my affiliate friendly traffic stops which you can scale to the moon with on this
i'm going to show you also you're going to need to have a high converting advert on this traffic source which i'm going
to show you how to create that and i'm going to show you how we can see what's working so we're not just
stabbing in the dark you're also going to need high converting landing page again i'm going to show you
how you know what type of landing page is converting and how to do all of that and you're
going to need a high converting affiliate offer and i'm also going to show you how to find those high
converting affiliate offers so everything is going to be covered so first of all
the affiliate friendly traffic sales the traffic source which i've used to generate
the majority of those earnings almost all of those earnings is from native adverts if you don't know
native adverts i'll show you what they are now so this is a news website um cnn which
is obviously a massive news website um in the united states and on here you can see if you scroll down
right down to the bottom you'll see these at the bottom here which are native adverts so the reason they're
called native adverts is because they are they don't actually look like adverts they blend in
with the native content on this news website so they actually look like news articles
but as you can see it says paid content here and you can see it says sponsored here
and this is um an ad network called outbrain which is running these adverts on here
and you can scroll down and you see there's lots of them and there's these are all adverts as well
and they kind of blend in because these are actual news articles news article news article
and then you'll have a few more adverts some more news articles there some more they're not actually native
ads but these are native ads here so someone native ads so when someone is coming onto this website and
they're reading the news and they're scrolling down if they get an advert which kind of
looks a little bit like a news article telling them something there's more chance of them actually clicking on it
whereas like banner ads that are on the side here people have banner blindness because it looks like an advert they
ignore it because these look like the actual content there's more chance of them clicking so the click-through rate
is much much higher so that's why they work really really well so
this for example here this is a an affiliate offer so the good thing about it is they're
affiliate friendly so if you run adverts on facebook or on google they don't really like affiliate
marketing and they don't like certain types of offers like certain health offers and things like that
the good thing about native ads is that they are very affiliate friendly and they're a
lot more lenient with the type of offers that they allow on on their ad network so you can get away with a lot
more and promote a lot more affiliate offers which is good and you don't really get any chance of
getting your ad account banned as well which is really really good but also the traffic is
there's so much traffic because if you come here to similar web just this one website cnn is getting 662
million visitors per month so that's just off one website
and if you run adverts on native adverts you can run them on many different websites at once which
i'm going to show you how to do um and you could be getting all of this traffic and you're getting a high
click-through rate because it blends in with the content and it works really really well and it's
affiliate friendly but another reason why native ads works really well is because you're almost borrowing the
reputation from this website so some people some people might trust cnn and they think because this
article's here they they think oh it's on cnn it's kind of like well it must be trustworthy because cnn's
recommending me to to read this and then they click on this and it's going to lead through
to this page here which is um as you can see it's laid out so this is the pre-sell page and it's laid out
to look very much like a news article or a blog so it kind of fits in again with what
they were already reading so they don't it doesn't feel like an advert it doesn't
lead through to like a crazy landing page with those are flashing things in all this
it leads through to another article so this person that's reading the news will see this advert here which is
promoting a snow snow stopping device which is an affiliate offer and he says snorer 59 anti-snoring
device finally hits the uk sounds a bit like a headline it's like oh what my my husband snores or i snore
i'm going to click on this and then they click on it and it leads through to this and it says my husband's loud horrible
snore and then they do it almost like an article but eventually it is promoting
this product here at the top which is a um an affiliate offer a snoring device e-commerce product and if someone
clicks through that it will take them through to the affiliate offer and if they buy the
person which obviously posted this first advert who posted this advert they're going to
earn commissions and that is the process that i just showed you earlier on this here
so we're getting traffic lots of affiliate friendly traffic is from these native um news websites these native ads
on news websites we're sending it to this pre-sale page which is almost like an advertorial
style pre-sale page and then we're sending it through to the offer so you kind of
that's the that's the whole process that's the funnel we need to create if we want to run native adverts so now
you're thinking well i want a piece of this how do i get started where do i go i want to create
some native ads and i want to run some of these products well i'm going to cover all of that in this video so stay
tuned but i just want to let you know that i'm going to give away a little epic gift to everyone in this
video that watches this video a little bit later on which will really help you out if you want to crush it
with native adverts so stay tuned for that but if you want to get started
you could just manually come and have a look at what what people are running on these news
websites and just have a search around and you could say well this person's promoting this little snoring device
um so you could follow the funnel through and you could actually go to this page where they're
where they're selling this snoring device and you can see at the bottom it says affiliate so you could join the
affiliate network here and you can get a link for this product and then you can maybe
um go back to the the cnn and see who's actually hosting these so it's actually outbrain if you look here it
says you could then go and sign it to our brain and you could try and run
some adverts and just kind of go around it yourself that's probably not the best way of
doing it because you want to know what's already working for other people so just because this is working here
just because this is on this page it doesn't necessarily mean that this is successful so what a really
good thing to do is is use a spy tool and you can actually find out
what are working well for other people and find out the products that are working well so the one that i'm
currently using is this one called an strex which i'll leave my affiliate link to in the description
there's quite a few spy tools out there and this is one of the cheapest ones so it's one i'm going for at the moment
and it's got everything you need and basically if you don't know a spy tool um is created for affiliate marketers
and it basically will scrape all of the adverts or a large chunk of adverts which are appearing
on news websites and it compiles them into like one big database so then what we can do is we can come
here and we can search um adverts that have been running for a certain amount of time
and basically what that does that shows us what's already working for other people so this is a good place to start
if you want to look for a product so first of all you want to kind of find a product you might not know where to go
you might not know which product to go for you haven't got an endless budget you want to be testing out you want to
be running adverts to a product which is proven to work so a good way is come to
like a spy tool like this and you just search say like adverts which you've been running for 16
days you can just set this for as long as you want because if an advert has been running
for 16 days or 14 days or even 10 days then there's a good chance that it will be profitable for that person so then
you kind of find it a product which is already working and there's lots of different languages here so what you can
do here you can search um certain ad networks so this is where we can actually run the adverts
so like taboola is a good um native ad network which you might want to decide to run on i'll show you how to run the
adverts and the ad networks and stuff a little bit later on um but now we're looking at adverts
which are running on the taboola native ad network that i've been running for more than 16 days
and i'm just going to change it to english and then as you can see so this is
adverts which are currently live so last seen today and they've been running for over 16
days so we're kind of seeing adverts which are working quite well so what you do is you can just scroll down
here and you're just kind of looking for anything that's jumping out so obviously some things aren't affiliate
offers on here because obviously main companies run run adverts on air as well so you're kind of looking for
things which look like affiliate offers um and you can just click on them so like this one here to this smart watch
we'll just go for this as an example so they're promoting a smartwatch which is 49
and i know this is an affiliate offer just from personal experience but you can click on this
and basically what it's going to load it's going to show us the landing page that they're running
and you can actually click through that and find out where they're getting that product from so the affiliate network as
well and you can obviously look at this here so we can just click visit page
and it will bring up their um landing page which as you've seen before it's very
similar kind of setup so it's kind of looks like a news article it says advertise at the top
um and it's kind of a review of this product and then if you click through that it's
going to lead you through to the affiliate offer and there you go call track watches
affiliate offer so there you go so now you can actually start to see well what's working well and you might think
well these smart watches keep popping up that looks like i might go for a pro
down that route so you could actually come back up to here and search smartwatch maybe in the creative
and just see what other people are promoting and you kind of start to get an idea
of what's working well for other people which is going to cut your learning curve in half
because the worst thing you can do is just go and run at it and just don't look at what other people are
doing just throw loads of adverts up test that landing page and it just it will just fail so you kind of want to
see what's working for other people but a key point is you don't want to copy what they're doing
you just want to see what's already working and use it for inspiration now that's the key so as you can see
watches are doing really well at the moment so what you could do is you can go through these here so like
this one here i'll just go on this so you could click on this if you wanted to go i'm gonna i'm gonna try
a watch campaign you could click on this and you want to find out the affiliate networks you could go through this and
it will lead you through to the offer and you can go to the bottom to find the affiliate network or sometimes
actually just tag them on this spy tool but i know this is a product which is on matrix which is an affiliate
network so you could just come to matrix and you could come here and just type in
smartwatch so you can join all of these affiliate networks so if you find out that someone's promoting a certain
product on a certain affiliate network you just search the name of that affiliate
network and you'll be a way to join and just sign up to it and fill out your
information you can also use a website called offervault if you don't know the
affiliate network so you can see certain people promoting a certain type of item like a smartwatch but you don't really
know what affiliate network they're running it on you can just type here smartwatch
into offervault and it's just a database of all products on all different affiliate
networks so you can come down here and you go well this esmart watch this is the affiliate network that i'm
going to join and join that if you want to promote this e-smart watch or this gx smartwatch
or this other gx malware and you find a lot of the affiliate network have the same products
on them anyway so you don't need to you can join whichever one you want so once you've got an idea of the
products you want to promote that's already working for other people um and you found out the affiliate
network it's on you just come to your affiliate network and like this here this smartwatch you
can just grab your tracking link um i think there's a different one here as well i think
yeah so this one is the one we just seen it's a little bit like an apple watch um it's much cheaper you get paid 70
per sale so you could just grab your tracking link here for that someone buys that watch with
your link you earn 70 commissions so you're obviously gonna need that fake link for later on
um for the next part but we found the offer which we want to test the next step
is obviously the landing page we need to create a pre-sale page for that so again the best place to do that is
come back to the affiliate go back to the spy tool and see what this person that is
successful at the moment in time what landing page they are using so you visit their page and then you can
basically rebuild something similar to this in your own landing page builder if you want
um but you don't want to copy it exactly you just want to use it as inspiration of kind of what's working well
and kind of be a bit creative with it what you could also do which is a really cool tool which i'm currently using
is called landerbolt which again i'll leave a link in the description and it allows us just to rip other
people's landing pages now as i said you don't want to copy exactly but what you can do is if you
don't want to build this from scratch you can just copy the url to any landing page you want
come into landerbolt and then you just click on create new page at the top universal importer paste in the link
there smart watch test one or whatever you want to put in there and then click create page this is
really good because it basically just speeds up the entire process and then we come to visual editor at the top
and you can see it's just ripped that landing page into my own editor so then i can start
playing around with what text i want to do or if my the watch on my affiliate networks
called something different you could just replace that to smart watch pro or whatever you get the idea
and then you would replace your link with your tracking link which i'm going to show you how to do in just a moment
and then you just click save and then you've got that on your own domain which you'd have to connect in here
and you click save and you just put in your domain there and then you click publish
and then you've got your domain for that so now basically i own that landing page now on my own domain
um which i can connect to my affiliate office that's a little sneaky way if you want to cut the um
the creation time in half um you can use that tool which as i said there's a link in the description
so now you can see it's starting to come together we've got a product that we want to promote on an affiliate network
which is already working for other people we've got a landing page which we've got
the right format term we've tweaked it ourselves to run tests so all that's left to do now is actually
create some adverts and because native adverts you haven't got that much space it doesn't take that
long to create adverts um so again you'd come back to the spy tool
um and you would basically see what other people are running adverts too so as you can
see we'll just click back here there's a running theme running on here is basically
quite amateurish that's a little bit of um an exemption but amateurish looking photographs of people
of watches on people's wrists seems to work well for watch campaigns so then you would
make a mental note without thinking well this is a good a good thing so then you could go to google and find
similar images or you could take your own images if you've got access to the product
you can also take them from here if you really wanted to so just for this we could just go i
usually go right click and then search google for the image and then we can get
we can get that image here at a larger size and then we can just save that image
into our own little folder and basically what you want to do is compile probably around about five
images to test first of all for that product so that'll be the first image then you come back to
to google and you might want to test this image if it's obviously matching the product
obviously this is key and you want to save that image that's a massive image so you
might need to crush that a little bit but you get the idea you create a little bank of images
which which work well for that that product and then you come back here and you kind
of want to start thinking of headlines as well so this little headline so you don't get much space for the headline
but this blood pressure ready smart watch is taking india by storm so this one's being promoted in india at the
moment or no senior in milan should go without this 49 smart watch 49
smart watch to get an idea of what works so you can maybe take one of those um or tweak it yourself or make some
different changes and probably get two two of them just to start off with for your first campaign
so you can have five images with two variations of the headline so now you've got all of the elements
that you need to start your first native ad campaign you've got everything you need so now we just need to tile those
things together um and then we just need to turn on the adverts and get the adverts running so
that's what i'm going to show you how to do now first of all you're going to need some
kind of affiliate tracking software that's going to be able to track your clicks so you know which adverts
performing better which landing pages is performing better if you start split testing landing pages
and how you can track the conversions and everything so the one that i use is volume which i'll leave a link my
affiliate link in the description which actually gets you a discount if you want to use volume so this is
what it looks like inside it looks a little bit confusing but i'm actually going to walk you through how to set up
your first campaign anyway now let me just refresh this to see if i've had any more conversions
no okay um so basically this is the affiliate tracking software so we can track and connect
our landing page to our offer and all that kind of thing which sounds complicated but strategy not
um but the good thing about volume is that inside it's actually connected to the
native ad networks so usually what you have to do is go and sign up to outbrain on their website and
get approved you have to sign up to taboola on their website and get approved you
have to sign up to rev content and get approved if you actually use volume use my link
in the description and get inside of volume they actually are already connected they're a dsp
which means that you can run adverts from inside volume so if you come to the dsp planning tool at the top you can see
all of the ad exchanges which you can run adverts from so you just top up your account your dsp balance account
and you can actually just run adverts from all of these these things here and you just click on
new dsp campaign and click on native but before that we actually need to
come back to the tracker and we actually just need to put our landing page in and our offering and all this kind of thing
and actually connect it all up so that's what i'm going to show you how to do now so first of all we basically just
need to add everything in individually inside of volume so um first of all you need to choose the
affiliate network so you come to the affiliate networks tab here and you need to make sure you you've
added your affiliate networks you'd come to new affiliate networks and then you can basically select all of
these ones so if you're running your campaign on max bounty it's already integrated it's already sell which is
great um and there's lots of different ones down here and you can basically just
choose your affiliate network and add it in that way so once you've done that that's
the first step the next thing you need to do is you need to add in your landing page
so we need to put our landing page inside of a volume so you come here and you go to new
lander lander and basically just need to paste in your url for your landing page here
so the one that i created earlier was this one so you'd copy your link from your landing page and paste it in
here but what we do need to do is we need to get this click url and that needs to be
behind all of the buttons and hyperlinks on that page and this is just
a generic um click url that you've got for your volume account which basically means that anytime
someone clicks a link on your page it will be instantly redirected to the offer that you want it to be redirected
to it's a little bit it sounds confusing but all you need to do is make sure you
copy this click url go back to your landing page and rather than putting your affiliate link behind
these these buttons and things you just want to put this click url
but in in landabar you can actually go to link replacer at the top and just paste in this um
url and click ok and it will replace all of the hyperlinks and everything with your click url which you then click
save so then you go back to volume then we just need to name it so it will
be um like watch test one maybe whichever product you've chosen
and you've got your landing page inside of volume so next up you need to add in the offer so you come to offers here
and then you just click new offer and basically this is where you're gonna post
paste in your offer url so you go back to your affiliate network and where you found this offer you go to
tracking links and you get your tracking link for that specific offer you come back to
volume and you paste it in here like this and obviously you choose the correct affiliate network at the top
so make sure you choose from here or you would choose max bounty or whichever one you put in earlier
and it will tell you what you need to add in to the end of the link in this little description box here
and then you basically just name it so the offer is going to be watch test 5 or whatever whatever the product
is then you come here and you get the the postback url
so you need to copy this um from here and then you go back to your affiliate network and it will have a box where you
post paste in the postback url so you come here and you click edit
and then you can basically just add in a postback url here like this and basically what that is that's just
telling um the affiliate network can pass back information and when you get a conversion
to the tracker so you can basically track where your conversions are coming from
that's basically what it is but that's all you need to do so now we've got everything
inside here so all we need to do is put this together it's getting quite long this video so hopefully you're still
with me this is the technical side i wasn't going to include it in the video but
i've decided to include it and just to show you how everything connects together
i might need to do more videos on this if it's not clear but just let me know so then once you've got all of those
things you need to create a flow inside a volume which basically just connects them all together
so you're going to tell tell volume which lander is going to be leading through to which
offer and this is where you have the opportunity to run multiple landing pages at once and rotate them
but in this instance we're just going to have one so it's going to be watch test 4 and then we click on new path
here and it's going to be watch test 4 you can see here we're choosing the path
destination which is landers and offers so this is where you would choose the landing page which you just added
in so you click here and you type in watch and you add in watch four and then you
go to offers and then it was also um watch test five and then basically 100 of the traffic will go to this
lander and then it will go through to this offer if you want to add more landers and
rotate them that's where you would do it here if you want to have more offers and rotate them
that's where you would do it there and you click save now we're almost there now we're almost
there we're getting ready to actually get the campaign going so you come back to your dsp planning
tool once all of those things are already in and you come to new dsp campaign and
click on native then this is where we choose the ad network which we're going to run on
so you can actually just copy the ad network which you saw other people doing well on on here so you can
you can find out which ad network they were running on let's just say in this example
they're running this watch advert on outbrain so we want to run an outbrain so you can actually do this inside
volume dsp so you click on outbrain you click on next
you name it it's going to be watch campaign or whatever let's call it watch camp and then this
is where you're going to choose the flow of this campaign so the what we just said
just then so it's watch test four and then this is where we add the brand domain for the
product we're promoting so it could be like i don't know the actual brand domain for
this product but it could be like or whatever so that'll be just what you get from the
the product website but i'm not going to go back to that now because this video is getting so long
and then we click next and then we want to type in the country we're going to target so it could be united kingdom
and then you might want to just run it on mobile in the united kingdom um and then we just click next here
and then this is where we get a chance to bid um how much we're planning on spending
and ds volume dsp works on um cpm so it's per thousand impressions um so you might just want to say well i
only want to spend 10 pence per thousand impressions and you're going to get 100
of the available traffic on outbreak which is pretty crazy i think that might be wrong to be honest because that's
very very low um but maybe yeah we'll just go 10 pence per thousand views um
and then you can set your budget of a hundred dollars and then maybe you want to have it at 50
per day and then basically that's where you would set your budget there
and then that's when we we've set all that stuff up so now we're actually going to put the creatives
so this is the images that we found earlier um and what we decided on and the headlines
so you go new creatives and then we just browse the ones that we created so it might just be this one
i mean that's not big enough we need a bigger one let me try this one yeah so this one's allowing us in so
then you obviously make sure all of the images are the right size and then we would add in the headline
which was something along the lines of this smart watch is taking and then you can tag in the location so
it could be country by by storm so you used to run that in the
united kingdom it would say this smart watch is taking the united kingdom by storm
and then people would see it looks like a news article and you had a little description in here just
being like new smile watches la la la la and you have a little display name which could just be like
top tech something like that and then you can add a little icon in there which i'm not going to do now but
it's just a little icon which appears next to your thing then a call to action button which might be like read
more or something like that then you would click create and then that would create your
campaign for that offer now i'm just going to turn this off now because i don't want
them to um to do this but you can see there usually just give a preview but it's not giving
the preview of the image but you can see kind of the headline and the thing and obviously
you would have your five images in there with your two headlines and the different
variations and then we click next and you can add some automations and stuff which is way more advanced you
don't need to worry about that for now um and then you literally just click save and then that's gonna and you can
choose whether you want to be paused or active and then that's gonna set your campaign off it's gonna be approved once
they approve it and you'll basically come back into your tracker and you can see
um which of those images that you just added in which of those is getting a higher click-through rate which is doing
better or which of the landing pages if you have multiple landing pages this one's
getting a higher click-through rate and you can basically tweak that and then turn stuff off and stuff like that
as you're going forward and kind of just make as much profit as you can and take away the things that are losing
money so that is it in a nutshell that is the process that i went through to earn that hundred
and fifty thousand dollars i saw what the people were doing i then create a campaign
um based on that but with my own creativity my own ideas in it i then kept running it tweaking it if
anything wasn't working i cancelled it added more stuff in and that is basically
how i got to that 150 grand so i do hope that you found this video valuable because i'm not good
after that if you did please please please give the video a thumbs up let me know in the comments what you
thought of it and if you're not subscribed make sure you hit the subscribe button
because i am going to be announcing more like little tips and tricks on my um my feed my news feed inside youtube
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so make sure you subscribe and you can see these extra tips and tricks on there now i did say i was going to give away
something to everyone that watches this video so what decided to do if you want a
little head start and you want five landing pages which are proven to convert or with native ads
um which you can basically either drag into one of your landing page builders like landerbolt
or you can even host it on super cheap hosting and you just change out the links in it and you've
got five ready-made landing pages which are proven to convert so i'm going to link that in the description
and you can get them for free i'll just send you the little um zip file you can download them
just as a little gift for watching this video until the end um that's everything i hope you enjoyed it

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